92-Year-Old Woman Declared Dead Wakes Up Screaming In Morgue Freezer

A 92-year-old woman declared dead in Germany was actually alive, and woke up in the freezer at the morgue.

According to ABC News, the 53-year-old doctor who declared the woman dead has been charged with negligent bodily harm after the elderly woman was found alive. Sources say that the doctor didn’t check the woman’s vital signs, and just sort of guessed that she had passed away. Hours later, the woman woke up — apparently, she was just in a deep sleep.

“The doctor is alleged to have pronounced the seriously ill woman dead in March after a caregiver found her without a pulse and not breathing at a retirement home. That evening, a worker at the funeral home where she’d been taken heard a scream from the refrigeration room and discovered the woman alive.”

The 92-year-old woman declared dead was taken to a local hospital after she was found alive. According to HNGN, the doctor’s name has not been revealed because of “privacy regulations,” but he is facing serious consequences following his major mistake. Essen prosecutor Birgit Juergens says that the doctor could find himself in jail if he is found guilty. Minimally, a substantial fine is expected, and the doctor will more than likely lose his license to practice.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, something similar happened in Poland last year. A 91-year-old woman was declared dead by her doctor, but woke up 11 hours later in the morgue. The doctor is that incident says that she checked all vital signs before pronouncing the woman dead.

“An undertaker who opened the cold storage facility to bring in another body was shocked to find movement inside the bag in which Janina’s body was kept. Sensing trouble, he immediately opened it – only to find Janina in fine health. The first thing she asked after getting up was a cup of hot tea, as it was too cold inside the freezer.”

Police were investigating the case, and the courts had to scramble to void a death certificate, but the 91-year-old woman was able to spend some extra time with her loved ones. It is unknown if she is still alive, or if she has since passed away.

The 92-year-old woman declared dead in Germany died two days later from heart disease. The report indicates that her death was unrelated to what happened to her days before. As previously mentioned, the woman was “seriously ill.”

[Photo courtesy of Amrei-Marie / CC-BY-SA 3.0 / Wikimedia Commons]