Spoof Twitter Account Pokes Fun At Dentist Who Killed Cecil The Lion In Zimbabwe

As part of the global backlash against Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who killed Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe recently, someone has created a spoof Twitter account for his dental practice.

It seems everyone has been taking to social media after what has been dubbed the brutal murder of Cecil the lion, a well-loved animal renowned all over Zimbabwe.

People have been taking to websites that refer to Palmer, spewing hate and threats for his actions. Even his Yelp account has taken a huge hit with hundreds of negative comments. He now has a general rating of one-star from 5,730 reviews.

While his business website and Facebook page have been taken down to avoid any more comments, some one has started a brand new spoof Twitter account for Palmer’s dental practice, River Bluff Dental.

Needless to say they have been having a lot of fun on there. Relating to Cecil the lion, the spoof Twitter account lists endless jokes and images of lions brushing and flossing their teeth as well as the occasional comment like, “we’d be lion if we said we weren’t a little bummed by all the negative Tweets coming our way.”

The spoof account started at around 3 pm Tuesday and is still going strong. A few more of the best gems are listed below.

Meanwhile 55-year-old Palmer is possibly facing arrest on poaching charges for killing Cecil the lion, an iconic and much loved animal in the Hwange national park in Zimbabwe.

Two Zimbabweans have already been arrested on related charges. Now the major concern is Cecil the lion’s pride, which includes six cubs that are likely to be killed when another male lion takes over.

A smile is the prettiest thing you will ever wear. #RBDsmile pic.twitter.com/Hh99tTAdBO — River Bluff Dental (@RiverBlufDental) July 28, 2015

[Image: Cecil the lion screengrab from YouTube video]