Donald Trump Says He Would Consider Sarah Palin For A Cabinet Position

It’s hard for Donald Trump to be anything less than wildly enthusiastic these days. After all, things are going so swimmingly for the aspiring chief executive that he seems to be contemplating some big decisions for his hypothetical presidency, including an eyebrow raising top-level cabinet appointment. Politico reports that Trump spoke of his appreciation for the former Alaska Governor and one-time vice presidential candidate on an episode of The Palin Update, a show carried by Mama Grizzly Radio. Mama Grizzly Radio is an Internet-based media outlet which boasts that it covers “Sarah Palin news 24-7,” offering interviews with “top-notch Palinistas.”

“I’d love that,” Donald Trump said when asked if he would consider Sarah Palin for an executive-branch position. “She’s really somebody who knows what’s happening. She’s a special person. She’s really a special person.”

In additional excerpts published by CNN, Trump indicated that many of his supporters have urged him to seek an endorsement from Palin herself.

“I still have people saying, ‘Get Sarah’s support! Get Sarah’s support!’ No matter where I go,” Trump said to Palin Update host Kevin Scholla. “Everybody loves her.”

Sarah Palin has expressed her support and admiration for Donald Trump in the past, as noted by Inquisitr. In June, Palin commended the business man for “doing something right.” She also indicated that Trump shares her concern for the economy of the United States.

As the former running mate of 2012 GOP candidate John McCain, Palin effectively sidestepped a recent maelstrom of controversy when Donald Trump slammed McCain’s record as a war hero. In an e-mail to CNN‘s Jake Tapper earlier this month, Palin avoided taking sides, heaping praise on both men.

“I have the good fortune of knowing both John McCain and Donald Trump well,” Palin told Tapper. “Both men have more in common than the today’s media hype would have you believe. Both blazed trails in their careers and love our great nation.”

Palin went on to describe Donald Trump as “a hero in another arena.”

Thus far, Donald Trump’s campaign has thrived and his poll numbers have remained on the rise despite a steady stream of controversial remarks emaniating from the candidate’s camp. By mulling cabinet choices before he can nail down his party’s nomination, it may seem like the tycoon is counting his chickens before they hatch, but then again, that’s a luxury that Donald Trump can easily afford.

[Image by Andrew Burton/Getty Images]