Katy Perry Outdoes Madonna And Lady Gaga In Cleavage-Filled ‘Vogue’ Photo Shoot

Lady Gaga and Madonna may have shown a lot of cleavage recently in their photo shoots, but they have nothing on Katy Perry. Gossip Cop has the news.

“Katy Perry is the Vogue Japan cover star for the magazine’s September issue, and she poses in lingerie for photo spread.”

Gossip Cop goes on to note that Perry showed an extra large photo on Instagram that was more like a hot model magazine centerfold. It required three different posts to see the full thing, with her cleavage playing a dominant role.


It has been a relatively quiet year, at least musically, for Katy Perry. She isn’t scheduled to release any new material until 2016. However, Perry did take time to headline the Super Bowl earlier this year and earned excellent reviews. The New York Times describes how Katy Perry blew away the Super Bowl.

“During her 12 or so minutes on the University of Phoenix Stadium field on Sunday, she held her own, navigating a handful of her smashes and three wardrobe changes in a performance that resisted bad mood, spanning all of Ms. Perry’s modes”

The past five years have been amazing for Katy Perry, and the Super Bowl Halftime performance was just the icing on the cake. In 2010, she released her second album, Teenage Dream, and it made history by producing five number one singles. The only other artist to do so was Michael Jackson with his album Bad.

After taking a short break in 2012, Perry returned with a bang in 2013 with the album Prism. The album produced two more number one singles, “Roar” and “Dark Horse.” Perry’s album crushed Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP, which was released at the same time. Perry later issued some passive aggressive shade at Lady Gaga in Rolling Stone, saying that although she loves her fans, she doesn’t treat them like a cult and wouldn’t “die” for them.

However, Katy Perry’s fans are so dedicated to her that they would almost die for her. Let’s hope Perry can at least give us a glimpse into her new album by the end of the year.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images News]