Benjamin Franklin: What Would He Think Of Present-Day America?

The founding fathers, among them specifically Benjamin Franklin, founded the United States under Christian principles. Benjamin Franklin and his peers strove to break away from the tyranny of the British government, and to set up a system where freedom reigned and morality was deeply ingrained in the citizens.

John Adams felt the same way as Franklin.

"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."
On April 17, 1787, Benjamin Franklin wrote the following words.
"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters."
Our great country seems to be bending to the pressure of a politically correct society. The attitude of "whatever feels right at the moment is right" has taken hold. We leave good moral values behind in the fear of being offensive to another.

This is absolutely opposite from the America in which Benjamin Franklin resided. Love of the nation he helped to create prompted him to pen a letter to individuals in Europe who were considering moving to the the United States. According to WND, Benjamin Franklin wrote Information to Those Who Would Remove to America, detailing the many perks of residing under American law.

"Hence bad examples to youth are more rare in America, which must be a comfortable consideration to parents. To this may be truly added, that serious religion, under its various denominations, is not only tolerated, but respected and practised."

"Atheism is unknown there; Infidelity rare and secret; so that persons may live to a great age in that country without having their piety shocked by meeting with either an Atheist or an Infidel. And the Divine Being seems to have manifested his approbation of the mutual forbearance and kindness with which the different sects treat each other; by the remarkable prosperity with which he has been pleased to favor the whole country."

Does Benjamin Franklin's description sound like the America we live in today? I think not. We have removed God from our schools, and then wonder why chaos breaks loose. In the past several years, God is rarely mentioned in the realm of our government. If Benjamin Franklin could see the state of our nation now, how would he react?

At the risk of sounding too dramatic, the United States is going the way of the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah. That community was overtaken by sin with no desire to repent, and in the end, the entire area and everyone in it (save Lot and his daughters), were destroyed.

The Truth Project is a course of study created by Focus on the Family which takes a deep look at the truth of God as pertains to ourselves and our government. One installment looks at the way Benjamin Franklin insisted upon prayer before government meetings. It is interesting to note that this study says Benjamin Franklin was one of the least religious of the founding fathers.

From the time of Benjamin Franklin and the founding fathers up to a few years ago, the United States of America was one of the strongest and most upstanding countries, known as a superpower. It is no coincidence that, as our morals decline, the health of our nation follows suit.

In my opinion, Benjamin Franklin would not even recognize the country he helped bring into existence. It is not too late for the good old U.S.A., however. Pray for our country, and let God know that there is still a force of believers who will stand together for good.

What do you think Benjamin Franklin would say about the state of America today?

[Image via Marta's Ponderings]