Madeleine McCann Found? Detectives Contact Australian Police After Similar Remains Found In Suitcase

British officers have contacted Australian police after a body was found in a suitcase in Australia that matched similar traits to Madeleine McCann, who has been missing since 2007.

British authorities contacted their Australian counterparts after the decomposed body of a young girl was found inside a suitcase by the side of a motorway just outside of Wynarka, South Australia. The grisly discovery was made earlier this month.

Australian police have revealed that the girl inside the case was aged between two and four years of age. She had fair hair, and it’s been predicted that she died back in 2007.

The body that was found is believed to have been transported around from one location to another inside the large case. Meanwhile, it was also found with a distinctive quilt that was covered in a variety of images, including pumpkins, sunflowers, camels, and stars, and a Dora the Explorer t-shirt was also found inside.

Madeleine McCann was just three years old back in 2007 when she was taken from Praia da Luz, the holiday resort she was visiting in Portugal with her family.

Australian authorities have already insisted that the body that was discovered in the suitcase isn’t that of McCann. However, a spokesman for Scotland Yard has since stated, “We cannot rule it out.”

A Met officers spokesman admitted that they have already contacted Australian officials, confirming, via the Mirror, “We are aware of reports that the remains of a child having been found in South Australia and we have made contact with the Australian authorities.”

A source close to the Mirror has alleged that Scotland Yard officials will now conduct tests on the corpse that will determine if the body really is that of Madeleine McCann. The insider speculated that either an officer will be sent out to Australia, or a sample will instead be sent to the UK.

However, Grant Stevens, the Police Commissioner who is heading the inquiry in Australia, refused to confirm the body could belong to Madeleine McCann, as he insisted that it was “pure speculation” to suggest the decomposed body was hers.

Meanwhile, Clarence Mitchell, a spokesman for the McCann’s, stated, “We continue to refuse to comment on speculative reports.”

Mitchell continued, “This is entirely a matter for the Australian Police to resolve. Commissioner Stevens’ comments speak for themselves. Kate and Gerry will certainly not comment on any speculation. The Yard always keeps them informed when and if necessary.”

[Photo By Dan Kitwood /Getty Images]