Sarah Phillips, Mysterious Writer, Fired By ESPN

In what has proved to be a wildly outrageous culmination of twists and turns, the truth behind who ‘Sarah Phillips’ really is, as well as her ascent and descent from ESPN has proved to be more difficult that anyone could have ever imagined.

The actual story has taken on a complete life of it’s own, causing even the most sane person a migraine trying to comprehend what it is exactly that is happening.

The story at it’s basic roots stems from former writer and analyst Sarah Phillips, who had become somewhat of a phenom when it comes to writing about gambling. This quick recognition led Phillips to a job with as well as a job writing for ESPN Page 2, now known as ESPN Playbook.

While writing for (a gambling/advice site), the talented young woman was thrown into question as to whether she was even real as her cover photos never actually seemed to be consistent, implying that Phillips had multiple identities that are still unknown.

Sparking a debate, this has led to a report released by with accusations pouring out in regards to ‘Sarah Phillips’ scamming at least 2 different men in connection with her writing while at and

In response to the accusations and backlash, ESPN has promptly fired Sarah Phillips, cutting ties completely with the talented writer.

As to the accusations themselves, full accounts of the scams can be read in detail at, who have done an incredible job at investigating the on-going saga that is Sarah Phillips.

The inner workings of this entire story is still a mystery to many, however it seems as though ESPN took the correct measures in firing and cutting ties with the real and/or fake Sarah Phillips.

How do the situations involving former ESPN employee Sarah Phillips deserve to be handled?