Abandoned Children Found Living In Cages With Dogs And Amid Squalid Conditions

Two very young children, ages 4 and 6, were found living in squalid conditions in rusty-looking cages with dogs and debris. The unidentified brother and sister were abandoned by their parents when they divorced. The parents both remarried and left the children under the care of their mentally challenged grandfather, who raises and sells dogs for a living. The forgotten toddlers were seen in the city of Nanjing, capital of China’s eastern Jiangsu Province. They have even had to drink filthy rainwater from the ground to quench their thirst.

Neighbors have unsuccessfully attempted to convince the grandfather to place the children in a shelter for homeless children. A neighbor named Jun Teng described the unfit living conditions as follows, according to the Mirror.

“The stench is intolerable, the entire area is covered by rubbish, and excrement from the dogs. Flies and mosquitoes are everywhere and when they get any food they have to fight with it for the dogs… It’s not unusual to see them drinking wastewater that puddles on the ground after rainfall.”

Now that their story has hit the media, it’s thought that local officials will take action to remove the children from the unlivable conditions to which they are subjected. Locals have donated food, water, and clothing for the youngsters, but without official intervention from the authorities, they cannot remove them from their sad living conditions, according to News Australia. Hopefully, the children will soon be placed in a proper setting and removed from the shocking, filthy existence that they are currently forced to endure.

Do you think that the children’s living conditions constitute child abuse? Should their parents face any charges for abandoning them? Should their grandfather face any charges for their living conditions? Please leave your comments below.

In some cases, the abuse is active child abuse. According to an article by the Inquisitr, an Oklahoma City couple was arrested after being reported for child abuse. An unnamed woman reported the two after witnessing their alleged abusive actions toward the children while spending a night in their home. It has been reported that the woman who spent a night with the two suspects — identified as Jamie Goodin and Jacob Baker — reported them to local authorities after witnessing what has been claimed to be their disturbing interactions with the children. The woman stated that she witnessed Goodin place a pillow over her crying 7-month-old daughter’s face to keep her from crying. Baker has also been accused of pointing and firing a BB gun at one of the girls.

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