Dead Body Found In Suitcase: Body Found In Luggage At SeaTac Apartment Complex In Washington

A dead body was found in a suitcase at a SeaTac apartment complex in Washington state.

King County Sheriff’s spokesman, Sgt. Stan Seo, told The Seattle Times that the body was discovered Monday morning after someone came across the piece of luggage near the trash bin at Abbey Ridge Apartments located at South 204th Street and 30th Avenue South. Investigators were called to the scene around 8:30 a.m. Komo News reports that a maintenance worker made the grisly discovery. He was said to be initially traumatized by finding the body.

It’s unknown in if the dead body found in the suitcase is a man or a woman. According to the report, the body is at such an advanced stage of decomposition that it’ll be difficult for investigators to determine the gender and approximate age of the person.

Detectives will thoroughly search the apartment complex and question residents to learn if anyone heard or saw anything unusual over the weekend. Seo said the driver of a garbage truck that collects trash at the complex was interviewed.

Abbey Ridge Apartments is situated across from an elementary school and south of Angle Lake. King 5 reports that the apartments are located just two miles from Sea-Tac International Airport.

Residents were upset by the dead body being found in a suitcase at their apartment complex. It’s unsettling and hard for many to wrap their head around such a terrible discovery.

Alicia Lopez, a resident of the apartment, said that “her heart is broken” to see someone “be thrown away like a piece of garbage, that’s terrible.”

This is the second time since May that the sheriff’s office has investigated a body found in luggage, although the incidents are not believed to be related, Seo said.

The Washington Times reports that this is the second time since May that a sheriff’s office in the state of Washington has investigated a body found in luggage. A dead woman’s body was found in a suitcase near Kent on May 27. The victim was said to be between 50 and 60 years of age. Seo says detectives aren’t sure if the latest discovery is related to the one in May.

King 5 reports that police don’t believe that the remains in this suitcase incident is related to the May 27 incident.

If anyone has information about the dead body found in the suitcase, they are asked to contact the King County Sheriff’s Office

[Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons]