Suspected Serial Killer Slain By Potential Victim

In a surprising turn of events, police now believe that a man killed by a West Virginia woman last week may have been a serial killer.

Neal Falls and last victim

The woman, an admitted sex worker, wished to only be identified as Heather and told the police that she had been expecting the man as they made an arrangement based on an ad she had placed in Backpage. However, when she opened the door he immediately withdrew a gun and asked her, "Live or die?" before pushing the weapon into her stomach.

The man soon began physically assaulting her, choking her as he dragged her around. In what she says was a moment she had been preparing for by way of previous fights with men, Heather managed to seize the deceased's gun and use it on him.

"When he strangled me, I grabbed my rake, and when he laid the gun down to get the rake out of my hands, I shot him," she relayed, "I grabbed the gun and shot behind me."

Fortunately for her, the bullet killed her attacker immediately and she escaped to a neighbor to call the cops. The Charleston police department later made the discovery that the deceased, identified as 45-year-old Neal Falls, had quite an arsenal of weapons in the trunk of his vehicle. The items found included a bullet proof vest, several handcuffs, two axes, a machete, garbage bags, shovel, and a bottle of bleach. The grisly line up gave the police pause and planted the seed of suspected serial killer to Neal's name. The authorities are certain that Heather's act saved not only her, but countless future women. CBS news reported on the incident and advised that Falls also had a list of name, ages and phone numbers of ten other women in his possession. Thankfully, the women on the list are all still alive.

The information led investigators to conclude that Neal Falls may indeed be a serial killer and was operating across several states. The Guardian reported that Steve Cooper, chief of Charleston detectives, advised the local gazette that the FBI would be contacted to aid in the investigation so as to process the case on a national database.

Investigation into Falls' previous addresses led to more grisly discoveries that have cemented the title of serial killer in the eyes of many. About an hour outside of Charleston is the town of Chillicothe in Ohio, where at least six women have been reported missing with four turning up dead and two still unaccounted for. The deaths and disappearances were already suspected as being the work of a serial killer, as reported just last month. Previously, he resided in Nevada from 2000 to 2007 and during that time three prostitutes were killed and dismembered, their bodies found along stretches of highways. Though a fourth woman was reported missing at the time her body was never found. Falls' DNA is being compared to materials found at the scene of those murders for more conclusive evidence that Falls was indeed a serial killer.