Lifetime Ban From Walmart Won’t Stop This Shoplifter

Walmart, a place that we all hate but can’t stop ourselves from going into because, honestly, when you need something at 2 a.m. where are you really going to go? For a woman in New Jersey, her days of frolicking through Walmart are over after a court fined the 64-year-old $258 and told her that she was not allowed to step into another Walmart ever again. That’s right, this lady is not allowed to go to any Walmart in the country for the rest of her life.

The NY Daily News was able to talk to the banned woman, Johanna Cassimore, about her ruling and what she plans on doing without going to Walmart for the rest of her life,

“It was stupid. I disagree and I’m appealing it. The judge can’t say that. He doesn’t own Walmart.”

Cassimore pleaded guilty after she was caught shoplifting vitamins at a New Jersey Walmart back in December. On top of her fine and lifetime ban from Walmart, Cassimore was also sentenced to 10 hours of community service.

“I already have shopped at different Walmart stores,” Cassimore said. “The key to not being detected is to not do anything wrong while in the other stores.”

The woman also said that she will not shop at the Walmart where she was caught shoplifting and where people know her, adding that she isn’t stupid.

Cassimore once signed a piece of paper at a Walmart in New Jersey stating that she will not go into another Walmart, but she insisted that the paper was signed “years and years” ago, and she didn’t know what she was signing at the time. Cassimore said that she hadn’t done anything wrong at the time the loss prevention officer asked her to sign the paper, but she said she signed it anyways because she “was stupid”.

The judged decided on the lifetime Walmart ban after the prosecutor requested it as part of Cassimore’s sentence and to remind her that she had previously signed the agreement to not step foot into another Walmart. If Cassimore violates the Walmart order, she could be held in contempt of court and have additional penalties added onto her sentence at the judge’s discretion.

But for Cassimore, it seems that the rollback pricing and luxury of grabbing everything you need in one stop is too appealing for her. Cassimore said that she will continue to go to Walmart because “it’s a good place.”

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images]