Teen Gets Pregnant Intentionally, Drops Out Of School In Hopes Baby Will Be Her ‘Best Friend’

Rachel Hendry, 17, says that she became pregnant intentionally with her boyfriend of two months and dropped out of school in hopes that the baby would be her new “best friend.” Though her parents are concerned about the teen’s ability to be a good parent, Hendry is confident she will be fine in motherhood as she knows how to “make soup and curry.”

The Daily Mail reports that the teen mom is looking forward to giving birth to her daughter as she hopes that the child will be her “best friend.” The 17-year-old “mum-to-be” Rachel Hendry says that she and unemployed 21-year-old boyfriend, Chris Haynes, both wanted the baby and were ready to become parents.

“We really wanted to have a child. There is nothing stopping us.”

Though the father-to-be is unemployed, the pair say they will have no problems raising their daughter, as Chris is eager to find employment. In the meantime, it seems the pair will likely have some income from their appearance on the series Baby Faced Mums in the U.K. The first episode, featuring Rachel and boyfriend Chris, will follow the pair’s journey as they prepare for their daughter’s arrival and Chris looks at job opportunities.

In the series, the pair contemplate whether they will move away from home so that Chris can secure a “temporary” job, but Rachel’s mother protests noting that the soon-to-be mother doesn’t even know how to cook. Despite her mother’s pleas, Rachel retorts that she can “make soup and curry,” so they will be fine.

Prior to becoming pregnant, Rachel was a star pupil and was headed towards higher education. However, after meeting her boyfriend Chris, the two decided that they wouldn’t do anything to prevent pregnancy and opted out of using contraceptives. Just two months after the two began dating, Rachel found out she was pregnant and expecting a baby girl. The teen promptly dropped out of school and is now preparing to welcome her new best friend into the world.

It isn’t just the U.K. that is glorifying young mothers with dedicated programs. The MTV hit series, Teen Mom, is still running strong after the spin-off from 16 and Pregnant. Though MTV claims the program is designed to educate on the trials young mothers may face, the “stars” of the show have been thrust into the spotlight and are followed heavily by many young viewers.

“Each story offers a unique look into the wide variety of challenges young mothers can face: marriage, relationships, family support, or lack thereof, adoption, finances, rumors among the community, graduating high school, starting college, getting (or losing) a job and the daunting and exciting step of moving out of the nest to create their own families.”

What do you think of the teen mom deciding to purposefully have a child so that she can have a new “best friend.” Do you think a teen with that mentality can care for a newborn child?

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