Riverside Plane Crash Update: Pilot Aboard Cessna Airplane Is Pronounced Dead

According to police and fire department investigators of the Riverside plane crash on Sunday, the pilot of the aircraft that went down in a residential neighborhood has died, citing a KTLA report.

Captain Tim Odebralski, of the local fire and rescue department, said the aviation incident took place about 5 p.m. in a Riverside community where Arlington Avenue and Adams Street intersect. The plane crashed into the ground and burst into flames. The pilot was pronounced dead on the scene.

Reportedly, he was the lone occupant of the light airplane. Moreover, there were no injuries reported on the ground from the violent impact.

According to Odebralski, the unidentified pilot radioed the air control tower at Riverside Municipal Airport and reported engine trouble. He said he would try to land at the airstrip, to no avail. His last transmission before the plane crash was chilling.

“I don’t think I’m going to make it.”

The death of the pilot in Sunday’s crash in Riverside comes two weeks on the heels of a bitter-sweet unrelated story. Then, Autumn Veatch, 16, was picked up by a motorist after a plane she was in went down in Washington State. On board the Beech A-35 with the teenager were her grandparents, Leland and Sharon Bowman, who both perished in the aircraft crash. Autumn was found some 30 miles away from the crash site days later.

Wrote Inquisitr in a previous report: “Plane crash survivor Autumn Veatch is lucky to be alive. Not only did she survive a terrifying crash, but she also managed to keep herself alive and get herself to safety, which is amazing given what had happened and the terrain that she was dealing with. According to Mail Online, Veatch’s father spoke to the media, saying that he didn’t know his daughter was on the plane until the reports came in that the plane was missing.”