Woman Tries To Commit Suicide Multiple Times After First Meeting With Online Boyfriend

Online relationships are a way of life now, and the old ways of meeting people such as in a bar, or out in public, are things of the past. Well, the internet dating world can hide some things and not be totally truthful. A woman in China found that out the hard way when she went to meet her online boyfriend for the first time and realized he didn’t look like his pictures, so she tried to commit suicide multiple times.

According to Shanghaiist, the 23-year-old woman attempted to kill herself multiple times on Tuesday night at a hotel in the Heilongjiang province.

The man and woman had met in a hotel room on the seventh floor in a location in Mudanjiang City. Police arrived on the scene and saw the overly angry and disappointed woman run to the balcony and throw one leg over the railing while yelling at the man.

“You cheated me!”

Before it got worse, the police were able to get the woman off of the balcony. They separated the man and woman and attempted to speak to them so they could be calmed down.

All of a sudden, the woman grabbed a handful of sleeping pills and swallowed them for her second suicide attempt. She also grabbed a piece of broken glass to attempt and slit her wrists for a third attempt at suicide.

Police were able to stop her and called for an ambulance so she could be taken to a hospital and be treated.

woman attempts suicide first meeting online boyfriend

Opposing Views states that the parents of the woman did not approve of her online relationship with the man as he is 10-years older than their daughter. Even though they were against it, she traveled to meet her online boyfriend in person for the first time.

When she arrived at the hotel, she was extremely let down by her first in-person view of her boyfriend. It apparently didn’t go as she had hoped it would, as he looked nothing like the pictures he had sent the woman online.

That was when she got overly distraught and attempted to kill herself numerous times. Medics said that they also found glass in her stomach as she had apparently eaten some when swallowing the sleeping pills.

The Chinese woman hoped her first meeting with her online boyfriend would go well and that they could be happy together. When she got there, officially met him, and laid eyes on him, her world was shattered and she tried multiple times to commit suicide, but was unsuccessful with each attempt.

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