How Apple Inc. Sold Over 4 Million Apple Watches Despite Bad Reviews

Apple Inc. recently announced it’s second quarter sales, which has left many believing that the tech giant is lying. The company reports that it sold over 4 million Apple Watches; the same Apple Watches that have gotten horrid reviews since it was released. Recently, The Motley Fool published an article on the unlikeness that Apple Inc. sold so many watches. The article claimed that “math doesn’t lie,” and based on Apple’s first quarter sales, “there is no way Apple, Inc sold over 4 million Apple Watches.” But there is a way.

Presales: In April, it was reported that the presales for the Apple Watch has surpassed 2.3 million. The sales were estimated to be even more in the coming months of May and June. Similar estimates published by MacRumors predicted that Apple Watch sales could reach 2.5 million more sales by the month of June. This is highly probable since the Apple Watch was pre-sold out only 6 days after it was first available for pre-sale.

If these estimates became reality, Apple Inc. could have easily sold 4.8 million Apple Watches by June. This brings up a point that The Motley Fool made in their article, which is how much was sold and when is “what we don’t know,” and what we do know, is based on opinion. The reality of how the Apple Watch has been rating and may have sold can be determined with a single poll by Engadget and a review from CNET.

The poll showed that most people that had an Apple Watch were not very impressed with the device, but still felt like it was a nice gadget to have. People who did not have an Apple Watch were mostly intrigued by the idea of having one. Overall, Engadet gave the Apple Watch a score of 79. The CNET review, explains how Apple Watch has “a lot of promise.” This goes to show that despite the fact that the device is underwhelming, anticipation for the promised updates would make people want to buy. CNET believes that the issue is not with Apple Inc, but with smart watches altogether. Apparently, smart watches are just not essential in today’s market.

“Do you actually need an Apple Watch — or any smartwatch? Right now, probably not. Smartwatches may one day be the future of phones, or a seamless extension of both them and your home, or any number of connected devices. Right now, they function as phone accessories. And that’s where the Apple Watch lands. Apple designed the watch to help us look at our phones less. I’d call it more of a smaller screen in Apple’s spectrum of differently sized screens. It has its own functions, its own uses. It’s meant to be a small assistant, to help you look at your phone less. It’s helped me stay more connected, but I still use my phone more than I should.”

[Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images]