Arizona Woman And Dogs Decapitated Before Suspect Severs Own Arm, Gouges Out Eye

A relationship that reportedly began in a mental health facility came to a tragic and horrific end over the weekend in Phoenix, Arizona, with a woman and her two dogs decapitated, and the man believed to be responsible for the decapitations cutting off his own arm and gouging out his own eyeball.

"It was an absolutely horrific scene," Phoenix police spokesman, Sergeant Trent Crump, told AZ Central.

According to police, the decapitated woman was identified Sunday morning as Trina Heisch, 49, of Phoenix, Arizona.

Along with Heisch were her two dogs, also found decapitated in the gruesome scene that unfolded inside the blood-smeared Arizona apartment that Heisch shared with her reported husband who hasn't been officially identified.

The decapitated Arizona woman's neighbor, George Loney, discovered the unthinkable horror on Saturday when he went to check on the 43-year-old man thought to have decapitated Heisch, who he knew had domestic violence and mental health problems, reports the Daily Mail.

Loney knocked on the Arizona apartment's door and was greeted by the grisly, self-maimed male suspect who was naked and bloody with his left arm having been severed at the elbow, and his left eyeball torn out.

Beyond his ghastly neighbor, Loney could see the inside of the apartment's walls and floors smeared with blood, prompting him to instantly call police.

Arriving officers discovered several knives inside the blood-stained Arizona apartment and Heisch's decapitated body inside a walk-in closet. The two decapitated dogs were found elsewhere in the apartment.

Police questioned the badly wounded man who told them that he had "killed three family members." This raised some red flags for police because they didn't know if he was referring to the decapitated woman and decapitated dogs or some other Arizona family members, but no deceased relatives of either the decapitated woman or suspect have been reported.

The self-wounded man was hauled off to a local hospital to undergo surgery for his injuries.

According to the Arizona Police spokesman, Sergeant Crump, the man has a "known mental illness."

The Arizona apartment also has a history of police visits to deal with issues between the ultimately decapitated woman, Heisch, and her mentally ill, suspected murderer husband.

"These two have a history of a domestic-violence relationship," said Crump.

That history includes the husband being arrested in 2003 following an alleged attempt to kill a family member.

The decapitated woman, Heisch, was also arrested in March for domestic violence charges that reportedly involved attempting to stab her husband.

Family members of the decapitated woman and the suspect also confirmed the history of mental illness suffered by the couple who met in the mental health facility before getting married.

[Image by Mat Hayward, Getty Images]