Harley-Davidson Lost In Japanese Tsunami Washes Ashore In Canada [VIDEO]

Yahoo is reporting that a Harley Davidson has found itself washed ashore a Canadian beach from the wrath of the tsunami that rocked Japan over 1 year ago.

Just last week it was reported that the Japanese tsunami had misplaced a soccer ball that had washed ashore the coast of Alaska, but this seems to take on a whole new meaning to ‘lost at sea’.

The astounding find was made by Peter Mark, a resident and frequent beach goer near Graham Island, British Columbia.

“You never know what you’re going to stumble upon when you go out there for a drive,” says Mark.

As the beach comber made his way down the shore, Mark noticed a large white storage container that seemed to be resting and quite out of place. As he found his way inside, he saw what seemed to be camping equipment, a few golf clubs, and an entire Harley Davidson motorcycle with Japanese license plates.

“At first I thought, well this has got to be the craziest thing that anybody has ever found.” describes Mark. “The license had Japanese writing on it. The wall of the trailer had Japanese print on the tags. And the first thing that popped into my head was this is likely from the tsunami in Japan.”

His initial thoughts proved to be exactly correct as it has been discovered that the contents of the storage compartment belongs to a Japanese resident of Miyagi Prefecture, one of the areas that took the largest brunt of the massive tsunami.

The Vancouver consulate for Japan has been notified of the finding and are currently in the process of trying to locate the owner. The unfortunate realization for many however, is that it may be an unsuccessful endeavor given the circumstances of that area of Japan.

Have you heard anymore stories of items like a Harley Davidson washing ashore beaches across the globe?