UFOs And Airplanes: 'Near Misses' And Mid-Air Collisions [Video]

JohnThomas Didymus

A new online video shows several cases of collisions and near mid-air collisions between UFOs and airplanes. The video, posted to YouTube by Tercer Milenio, highlights the dangers that airplane pilots face due to frequent encounters with UFOs during flight.

One case involved an Aeromexio airplane and a UFO in Mexico. The UFO hit the airplane near Cancun in southeastern Mexico.

Another involved a Cessna airplane near Toluco approached by five UFOs. The UFOs approached the Cessna closely and passed by the other way, barely avoiding collision with the airplane.

In yet another incident, a UFO sphere flew past a Boeing 747, and in a separate incident, a light orb had a close brush with an airplane.

A recording shows an airplane flying past a static UFO in the sky.

UFO Sightings Hotspot notes that UFOlogists say that the incidence of mid-air collisions and near collisions between airplanes and UFOs is higher than acknowledged.

The risk of collision involving drones has caused civil aviation authorities to enact stricter rules and regulations restricting the operation of drones in airspaces. And UFOlogists acknowledge that while most cases in the past involved remote-controlled drones, some cases are more difficult to explain.

For instance, in May, 2012, Federal Aviation Administration (see video below) authorities launched investigation into a mysterious UFO that appeared over Denver and nearly caused a catastrophic mid-air mishap.

The object had failed to show up on radar, but a pilot unnerved by an encounter that occurred at about 5:17 p.m. on May 14, 2012, alerted air traffic control. According to the pilot, the UFO "went by the other way."

The Telegraph reported an incident in January, 2014, involving an A320 Airbus approaching Heathrow Airport at 34,000 ft. The pilot reported that a UFO shaped like a rugby ball passed within a few feet of his passenger jet. The object came so close that the pilot had to duck his aircraft to avoid collision.

The nature of the rugby-shaped UFO remains a mystery.

The Daily Mail reported a mid-air collision that occurred on June 4, 2013, between an Air China Boeing 757 and a UFO at 26,000 ft. The passenger jet flying from Chengdu to Guangzhou was forced to make an emergency landing after a mid-air collision that left a dent in the airplane's nose.

Although the pilots contacted the Chengdu airport control tower, requesting an emergency landing due to "mechanical failure," it became obvious after the plane had landed that it had been in a collision with a fairly large flying object.

The nature of the mysterious object that hit the passenger jet at 26,000 ft remains unclear.

Although, some media reports claimed that the plane had collided with a bird, aviation experts dismissed the suggestion, pointing out that a collision involving a bird would have left evidence, such as blood, feathers, and tissue on the plane.

Aviation experts also pointed out that birds rarely fly at an altitude of 26,000 ft.

Commenting on the incident, Nick Pope, who has worked with the U.K. Ministry of Defense as a UFO investigator, said, "Cases like this show that whatever people believe about UFOs, there are serious air safety issues here. MoD and CAA files contain dozens of reports of near misses between UFOs and commercial aircraft. It's only a matter of time before there's a catastrophe."

In 2013, passenger jet pilots approaching Gatwick Airport reported seeing a UFO that made very close approach to airplanes. The pilots reported seeing three silver flying saucers over the scientology headquarters in West Sussex.

Airport traffic control officers corroborated the story, saying they detected UFOs on their radar. But the signals were short-lived.

[Images: YouTube/Tercer Mileno via the Daily Mail]