Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris Reportedly ‘Don’t Want To Jinx Their Happiness’

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are reportedly not in a rush to become roommates anytime soon.

Hollywood Life reports that, contrary to popular opinion, the celebrity power couple has not made any plans to share an address, even though their happy relationship is still going strong.

According to an inside source, Taylor and Calvin have been too busy to even think about making that type of decision in the first place.

“At the moment, Calvin and Taylor aren’t looking at buying a home to live in with one another. Both have been very busy with work commitments, and haven’t even had a chance to think about that sort of thing, and in truth they are happy as they are.”

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have apparently become very comfortable in each other’s homes. Another insider claims that it’s like they are already living together since “stay-overs are getting very common and that’s becoming the norm.”

From the pictures that have been circulating online and through social media of the couple, it seems like Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are truly enjoying this stage of their relationship.

Although things are going well, one insider claims that it is still very early — which is why Taylor and Calvin are not making any hasty decisions.

“It’s still early days in terms of their relationship, so they’re not going to rush things. Everything is just great as it is, they don’t want to jinx their happiness and maybe a year down the line they would look at doing that. But it’s too soon now.”

The two recording artists seem to make a great team when it comes to supporting one another at each other’s concerts, during award ceremonies, and even when settling disputes with other artists.

According to Hollywood Life, Calvin Harris played a big role in eliminating the tension that was brewing between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift earlier this week over a misunderstood tweet.

The report stated that Calvin was the one that encouraged Taylor to publicly apologize to Nicki Minaj on Twitter, because he could tell that “the whole spat was really upsetting her and knew she would feel better if she made peace.”

Only time will tell what is next in store for Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’ relationship. However, chances are that sharing the same mailbox is not it.

[Image Credit: Ethan Miller / Getty Images]