Winning Powerball Numbers July 25: Jackpot Rises To $90 Million — Is Your Ticket The Big Winner?

Do you have the winning Powerball numbers for the July 25 drawing? The jackpot continues to rise, with $90 million jackpot up for grabs on Saturday night. If you beat the 175 million to 1 odds, your weekend is about to get a lot better.

Watch the Powerball drawing live online at 10:59 p.m. ET., or on these TV stations every Wednesday and Saturday night.

Tonight's winning numbers are: 27-29-34-41-44 PB 2

There were no jackpot winners in Wednesday's drawing (12, 31, 43, 44, 57 PB 11), but one lucky ticket holder in Tennessee matched five numbers (no Powerball) and is now $1 million richer. Because no one matched all six numbers (five white balls and the red Powerball), the jackpot increased from $80 to $90 million, and will continue to rise if there is no winner in tonight's drawing.

Although the odds are slim that you will see all six numbers on your ticket, there are eight ways to win a non-jackpot prize that ranges in value from $4 to $1 million. If a player matches just the Powerball, they can cash their ticket in at a local lottery retailer for a whopping $4, but matching 4 white balls and the Powerball is worth $10,000.

Here are the combinations needed to win a non-jackpot Powerball prize.

Five white balls – $1,000,0004 white balls and the red Powerball — $10,0004 white balls — $1003 white balls and the red Powerball — $1003 white balls — $72 white balls and the red Powerball — $71 white ball and the red Powerball — $4Just the Powerball — $4

If you're dreaming about how you will spend your windfall, keep in mind that you won't get $90 million if you win the Powerball jackpot. If you choose lump sum payment, you will receive a single payment of approximately $58.6 million before federal and state taxes. If you have a tax debt or owe money for child support, expect that amount to be deducted from your check before you receive it.

Winner who chose to take the lottery's 30-year annuity option will get an annual check for approximately $2.2 million per year for 30 years after federal taxes are taken out, but before state taxes are deducted. Not all states charge tax on lottery winnings — reference this list to see if you will have to pay if you become a Powerball millionaire.

Powerball tickets cost $2 each and can be purchased at lottery retailers in 44 states; Washington, D.C.; Puerto Rico; and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

[Image: Tim Boyle/Getty Images]