Tom Cruise Kicks Niece Out Of Family For Making Out With A Boy [Rumor]

Actor Tom Cruise, well-known for his faithful devotion to the Church of Scientology, has been accused of kicking his teenage niece out of the family and banning her to a different state.

According to an interview this week with Nick Lister, a former Scientologist, in 2004, Cruise's niece, Jamie Lesavoy, was removed from her family at the young age of 14. The full interview, uploaded on the Growing up Scientology YouTube channel, gives a shocking look into how the young Lesavoy was treated for merely kissing a boy.

Lister indicated that Lesavoy, who cried for her mother, Cass Mapother, and longed to be reunited with her family, was denied numerous times after going through a long process of trying to "redeem" herself.

"She made out with a boy on Tom Cruise's property, just made out. It was caught by the cameras. Tom Cruise decides it's unbecoming for a Scientologist in his family to do such a thing and he kept her from family functions and sent her across the country from L.A. to Missouri and then Florida."
Lister, now 27, states that he and Lesavoy were close friends during their times spent together when they both belonged to Scientology, yet she never told him why she was banished from her family.

A mutual friend, however, confirmed that there were no drugs or sex involved, and that Cruise himself decided on behalf of the church, as well as his sister, Lesavoy's mother, to kick her out for kissing a boy.

The ban, according to Lister, lasted more than two years, in which the then 14-year-old could not physically see her own mother.

"We were really, really good friends. She had talked to her mom earlier that day and she said, 'I really want to be back with the family.' Her mom wasn't having it."
Of course it's Lister's word against Cruise's, but Lister doesn't seem the least bit bothered. In fact, not only did Lister say that there are numerous former Scientology members that witnessed what happened, but that he isn't afraid of being sued since all he is doing is telling the the truth.
"The fact is that I am right and I have plenty of mutual friends and people to corroborate the entire story. I am telling the truth. Sue me. I have everyone I'd like to depose for it."
Lister also brought up the fact that Cruise dropped his 2013 multi-million dollar lawsuit against two magazines that published information regarding Cruise not spending time with his daughter, Suri Cruise.

According to Lister, the lawsuit was dropped after Cruise was probed in-depth about his religious beliefs during a deposition, which included questions about Katie Holmes leaving him to protect Suri from Scientology.

Tom Cruise has yet to comment on the issue. Lesavoy, who currently works at the Scientology's religious order, Sea Organization (SAO), has also yet to comment.

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