Update: Ashley Madison Hacked Users Get Spam Emails As ‘Was He On Ashley Madison?’ Site Goes Up For Sale

The updates to the Ashley Madison hacked situation increase as users gather to update each other on the progress of the Impact Team's hacking. As reported by the Inquisitr, one Ashley Madison customer called customer service three times. Although the first and second Ashley Madison customer service reps assured him or her that their credit card data wasn't hacked, the third customer service rep said that third-party credit card data from Ashley Madison customers were indeed hacked.

That same article reported that the previously available "Was he on Ashley Madison?" website search engine was down. Whereas just days ago the WasheonAshleyMadison.com site allowed folks to search for email addresses in the Adult Friend Finder hacked info, the same site is now up for sale. The Google cache of the "Was he on Ashley Madison?" website is still alive as of this writing, showing the text it used to contain.

"Questions, please contact washeonashleymadision@gmail.com. This site is does not have any contact with those behind the attacks. Data from this site is collected from third-parties and may be inaccurate. Use at your own risk."
Now Ashley Madison users are turning to Reddit to share the latest updates about being hacked, including speculations on why the WasHeOnAshleyMadison.com site was put up for sale so quickly. Those same users are writing about receiving spam emails lately that contain their Ashley Madison username, leading some to worry that the hacked leaked data was indeed sold to a third party after Ashley Madison was hacked.

The Reddit user called AMDisaster posted an update on July 25 about receiving spam email with his or her Ashley Madison username.

"Thanks. I started getting spam email on July 17, some with my AM username in the header. Any thoughts on this? I assume either they sold the emails or AM did. My email does not show as being pawned, however I did start getting spam, including some with my AM login. I dont know enough about it to know why, perhaps it just takes time for the pwning sites to catch up, or perhaps they just sold the emails without pwds."
Also on July 25, reddituser7242015 spoke of his or her temporary "burner email" showing up as part of hacked and leaked data in the Adult Friend Finder hacked data -- even though they weren't a member of Adult Friend Finder, but admit to being a member of Ashley Madison. That fact caused confusion.
"My burner email came in a pwned, but it was on AFF and mSpy breach.apparently. I was never a member of AFF, but of AM. What do i make out of this?"
Meanwhile, the user named justhangin1776 had a bit of advice for the Ashley Madison users panicking due to receiving spam emails with Ashley Madison user names. That insight included the knowledge that Ashley Madison likely sold email addresses to a third party, because that user began getting spam emails as soon as he or she signed up to the cheating website.
"One more thought for those freaking out for now getting spam. The email provider I used for the throwaway account suspends the account if you haven't logged in for 30 days. When you log back in, the account becomes active. So when I logged in a few days ago after not having done so for 3 years, it was clean as a whistle, but it also then became active. Almost immediately after that it starts to get spam. I know AM sold this info to other sites though. Prior to signing up on AM, that account was clean. No spam. Literally the next day after signing up, it was receiving spam from porn sites."
[Image via Getty Images/Sean Gallup]