Why 'The View' Needs Candace Cameron Bure

The View is determined to have its Lazarus moment, where it sees its lifeless ratings return from the dead. With a long list of rotating co-hosts, it looks like execs have found what works: Candace Cameron Bure. The former child star is slated to round out the cast of The View's Hot Topics table.

The contentious chat between Cameron Bure and Raven-Symone, whom Cameron Bure worked with on That's So Raven, over an Oregon bakery that refused to serve a lesbian wedding went viral, bringing the struggling ABC show back into the forefront of daytime television. That fiery exchange is exactly what The View needs to reposition itself as the daytime juggernaut it once was before Barbara Walters retired, taking 16 percent of viewers into retirement with her.

While many were chaffed by Cameron Bure's defense of the Oregon bakery, Variety reports network brass were "impressed" by the way Cameron Bure handled herself. Cameron Bure later talked to USA Today's Entertain This about the kerfuffle, saying that she would have baked the cake herself.

"It's very easy to slap a label on someone. It's very easy to assume that you know everything or all the stories behind someone's heart, and their thoughts and opinions and it's just so much more than that."
The View needs an outspoken Republican who can shake up discussions and ruffle liberal feathers much like Elizabeth Hasselbeck did prior to her departure, but they also need someone who is genuinely likeable. Cameron Bure, whose fans still view as lovable, little DJ Tanner, is that delicate balance between outspoken sweetheart and conservative villain. The View will also benefit from fans of Cameron Bure on the religious right who will tune in to get more of a faith-based perspective on current events, which Cameron Bure hopes to spread.

Cameron Bure, who is currently in production on Netflix's reboot of her '80s sitcom Fuller House, is said to be in negotiations with The View that will require strategic coordination. Taping for Fuller House is in Los Angeles and taping for The View is in New York.

Joining Cameron Bure is Paula Faris, who execs anticipate will give the show Barbara Walters-type credibility that Nicolle Wallace did, but with a little more charisma.

In addition to balancing acting and co-hosting duties, Cameron Bure is releasing her new book, Dancing Through Life, where she talks about having the courage to live her faith. Cameron Bure, who also has a movie premiering on the Hallmark Channel, feels her slot on The View will be a good fit as she "loves having discussion with people that have different views," she told Entertain This.

…what a boring life [it would be] if we didn't have friendships with people that have different opinions."
While there is no word on when Cameron Bure will finalize her contract with The View, Cameron Bure's book is expected in stores next month.

(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)