Woman Dies Of Blood Poisoning After Man Shoves 400ml Shampoo Bottle Up Rectum

A woman died of blood poisoning after a 400ml shampoo bottle was shoved up her rectum by a man she was getting high with, according to Daily Echo.

In April of 2014, 51-year-old Majella Lynch underwent emergency surgery to remove a 400ml unopened shampoo bottle from her abdomen, but on April 20, she died after developing an infection.

It was later discovered that the man responsible for brutally murdering the victim, Daniel McBride, 43, of St. Denys Road in Southampton, had shoved the shampoo bottle up her rectum while both were gettting high on cocaine.

He was apprehended on murder charges, but claims he was only trying to help her.

"As I was walking down the road I heard a distressed noise which I presumed was a cat," McBride said in court.

"I continued walking and then I heard a shout like a cry for help and I realized that the noise I just heard was from the same source as the one I was hearing now.
"I went over to the flat and I saw a figure standing at the window which started backing away as I moved down the steps towards the front door.
"I looked back at the window and I could see a lady in the room. I shouted 'are you ok?' and motioned for her to come to the front door. As I went down the steps again I saw that the door was wide open.""She came to the door and was holding her stomach and said she had a sore tummy.

"She told me she had had an argument with people who were trying to steal her things.

"She said a can of lager had been thrown at her belly."

"I could see she was upset and emotionally stressed, and because I had had a drink I thought to myself, 'I will be a hero,'" he continued.
"I asked if she needed an ambulance but she said no.

"I tried to reassure her that no one was going to hurt her or steal her belongings -- I adopted the hero approach."

Although their noses began to bleed, McBride admitted to the court that he and Lynch had been snorting cocaine for an hour in her home when the incident occured. Afterwards, they fell asleep with the unopened shampoo bottle still in Lynch's rectum.

The next morning, Lynch complained about abdominal pains and was rushed to a local hospital, but failed to disclose what McBride had done. Doctors performed an emergency surgery to remove the shampoo bottle, but Lynch developed an infection called septicemia and died days later.

A trial is underway for the shampoo murder of Majella Lynch.

[Image courtesy of Takashi Ota / Flickr / Creative Commons]