Kaylee Goemans: Strangers Stop Mom’s Car From Being Towed After Facebook Post Sent From ER

Having to rush your newborn to the emergency room on doctor’s orders is scary enough without having to worry about anything else. Thankfully, due to the kindness of strangers, Kaylee Goemans had only her 6-week-old son to focus on last Thursday at the Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre in her hometown of Barrie, Ontario.

The trouble began when Kaylee Goemans’ baby, Dominic, was having pain-filled, two-hour-long screaming fits.

“I knew something wasn’t right,” Kaylee said, and decided to see her family doctor, who gave baby Goemans ultrasounds and X-rays to try to find the problem.

“A few days later, the doctor called to inform me Dominic had a loop in his bowels filled with air and fluid,” Kaylee told Today, “The doctor said to get to the ER fast.”

Terrified, Kaylee Goemans rushed her son to the hospital, but didn’t have the $15 to pay for parking. Instead, Kaylee dug $3 and change out of her purse for the parking meter. The change gave Goemans four hours, and since her doctor had already sent over Dominic’s test results, she figured it would be a short trip. Unfortunately, Kaylee was wrong.

Now, not only worried for her son, but also for the sake of her car when the meter ran out, Goemans reached out to a Facebook group for Barrie moms.

“Not sell related. I’m at RVH with my newborn and we now need to do more ultrasound and xrays. I put all my change in the street metre but its going to run out at 3:30. Will I get towed or just a ticket? I can’t leave my newborn to run out, and we didn’t expect to be this long.”

The outpouring of offers of support from local mothers astounded Kaylee Goemans.

“Women just started pouring in, asking what car I drove and where I was parked to put change in for me,” she said. In total, more than 100 women commented wishing Goemans well. Five of them even stepped up to feed her meter.

Rachel Banks commented, “I live just around the corner from the hospital so if you need anything at all pls don’t hesitate to contact me anytime! If your meter is running out or you just need a coffee or some food!!!”

Another mother, Stephanie Goguen, happened to work at the hospital and was just ending her shift when she saw Kaylee’s post.

“Two more hours added no need to worry about that. Give baby a hug from me,” she wrote.

Kaylee Goemans was nearly speechless by the kindness these strangers showed her in her time of need.

“My day was turned upside down when I was told to go to the ER immediately. You’re terrified. And the stress of seeing so many doctors, poking and hooking your baby up to wires and drawing blood, is just heartbreaking. Knowing I had all these ladies there for me, to help me with parking, meals and even hugs made me able to focus just on my son and his needs.”

Kaylee spent a total of nine hours at the hospital that day, and while Dominic soon has to undergo a procedure to correct the problem in his bowel, Kaylee Goemans says he’s still a happy baby boy.

[Image Credit: Kaylee Goemans]