Angry Dad Humiliates Daughter With Epic Facebook Video Punishment, But He Doesn't Stop There [Video]

One angry, Indiana dad wants the world to know all about his daughter's shortcomings. So, he's taken to Facebook with a shocking brand of discipline that has captured the attention of social media users all around the world. In fact, he's even asked for social media users to share the uploaded footage of his berated daughter so "everybody in the world will know my daughter's a thief." Now, the epic punishment and humiliating video of his daughter have gone viral.

According to The Blaze, Gary Mills is "sick and tired" of his daughter Abby Mills' thieving habits. So, on Friday, July 24, he posted a series of photos and videos of his daughter's eventful day. In the viral Facebook photo, she can be seen holding a homemade cardboard sandwich sign that reads, "My name is Abby Mills & I am a LIAR & a THEIF [sic]! I've stolen from my parents, brothers & sister. Aunts & uncles. I even stole my 9-yr-old cousin's Christmas presents."

However, that's not all. Instead of just holding the sign for a quick humiliating photo to be shared on Facebook, he took things a step further to make her understand the severity of the crimes she's been committing. In addition to holding the sign, she was forced to walk up and down the street near the Wayne County Courthouse, police department, and sheriff's office where they took tours and spoke with local law enforcement officers.

Throughout the video, Mills further explained the reason behind his tough love approach. Although he's aware that many people oppose the parental practice of publicly shaming, he feels his approach will be effective, and the long-term effects will be relatively positive for her future. "Indiana does not have a program that allows teens to see what's inside of a jail cell … to keep 'em out of trouble," Mills said. "You can call it a little tough love or a little tough justice. This is what she's gonna be doing today. So she can be embarrassed! So everybody knows what it's like! She'll understand, I hope, and stop doing the stupid s**t that she does. So we're down here in front of the Wayne County Courthouse, and she's gonna be walking up and down the street today — with this sign on her! She's gonna be standin' on the corner, the whole nine yards."

The shocking Facebook video has even caught the attention of local news outlets that are questioning whether or not Mills is actually blaming the judicial system for the lack of repercussions in place for teenagers who commit criminal acts instead of "shouldering most of the responsibility" for his daughter's actions. The public shaming topic led to a heated debate on Fox & Friends. However, Educational Psychologist Dr. Charles Williams argues that although he may feel the system is not supporting him as much as he desires, he is stepping up to the plate although many have questioned his approach.

Mills' actions have received mixed reviews from social media users, but he insists he punished his daughter because he loves her. "I think it's time we parents take back our children," Gary said. "They might not agree with my parenting skills, but she's not their child," Mills said, according to Pal-Item. On Thursday, July 24, Mills personally told his daughter that his intent was to teach her a lesson and that the punishment came from a loving place. "I did it because I love you. I don't want to see you get into the system, and I'm a strong enough man to take the criticism."

Surprisingly, his daughter has even admitted that she understands why he did it. "I know I deserved it," she said. "I was embarrassed at first, but I'm glad he did it. I know I deserved it," she said. However, a number of social media users still feel his approach was a bit extreme.

Do you think Gary Mills went a bit too far with the humiliating punishment for his daughter? Share your thoughts.

[Image via YouTube Screen Capture, Facebook]