Dennis Rodman Endorses Donald Trump For President While Also Supporting Hulk Hogan

Donald Trump may be getting thrown under the bus by "blue chip companies", Univision, some fellow Republicans, and Macy's, but there is one key political player that has Donald Trump's back, and that person goes by the name of Dennis Rodman.

Dennis Rodman has enthusiastically endorsed Donald Trump for president via Twitter, citing Trump's both being a friend and strong businessman, reports Politico.

Donald Trump appreciated Rodman's support with a tweet of his own to the former NBA powerhouse, thanking Rodman and sending him positive vibes.
Dennis Rodman's friendship and familiarity with Donald Trump's business acumen can partly be traced to his taking part in Donald Trump's NBC reality television show, The Celebrity Apprentice, in 2013.

Despite being the fifth Celebrity Apprentic contestant to be fired from the group of 16 in his first foray into reality TV, Rodman and Trump's friendship continued to grow, according to CNN, particularly when Donald Trump supported Dennis Rodman's oft-criticized visit to North Korea to visit his then "friend", North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un.

Donald Trump not only supported Rodman's North Korean tour, but applauded the trip, also calling Dennis Rodman "street-wise," "smart," and perhaps a step ahead of others in the world with a public platform to address world issues.

"Dennis is not a stupid guy. He's smart in many ways; he's very street-wise. You look at the world, the world is blowing up around us. Maybe Dennis is a lot better than what we have."
Along with supporting Donald Trump for president, Dennis Rodman had earlier in the day stepped up via Twitter to support WWE champion and wrestling celebrity, Hulk Hogan.

Hogan is currently being bashed for alleged racial slurs heard on a sex tape that is already the subject of celebrity tabloids and lawsuits. The WWE severing ties with Hogan in the wake of these "racial slur" allegations prompted Dennis Rodman to defend his embattled friend.

In the end, Dennis Rodman, having suffered his own share of criticisms and controversies over the years, as well as run-ins with the law, perhaps understands better than anyone else the storms that Donald Trump and Hulk Hogan are both currently weathering.

Though Donald Trump consistently appears completely unaffected by his detractors, and Hulk Hogan continues to maintain strong support from fans and "business partners," one other mutual and loyal supporter in the form of Dennis Rodman seems appreciated by both.

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