‘The Flash’ Adds Teddy Sears And Shantel VanSanten For Season 2, Is Robbie Amell Leaving?

As The Flash continues its production of Season 2, CW has been steadily releasing spoilers concerning the new season. Along with new casting information, Barry Allen’s newest suit was recently revealed at Comic-Con in San Diego.

The new suit features a slightly different logo that is similar to the one featured in the comics. The newly revised suit has a white and gold logo on the front to go along with its scarlet red color. According to the International Business Times, Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) is the one who designed the new suit and likely added a few high-tech upgrades.

Speaking of Cisco, the character might be set to become a superhero in his own right in the new season. In the comics, Cisco is also known as the superhero Vibe. Considering it was already revealed in the first season that Cisco had special abilities, it’s entirely possible that he will slowly become Vibe as the new season progresses.

Meanwhile, as the show enters its second season, Shantel VanSanten will be introduced as Patty Spivot. Patty will be working with Detective Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) due to her passion for metahumans, while Barry will find her to be a potentially new romantic interest. At the same time, it isn’t known if the new season will also see her play the part of Hot Pursuit (Ms. Flash).

In addition to VanSanten, Teddy Sears, known for his role on Masters of Sex, will also be joining the cast in the new season as Jay Garrick. Garrick is a retired vigilante, and in the comics he is the original Flash.

Elsewhere, according to Fashion & Style, one cast member from Season 1 will not be returning to the show. Robbie Amell, who played Ronnie Raymon (Firestorm), might not be featured in Season 2 of The Flash. The actor is set to star as a special agent in The X-Files reboot on FOX, which might be an indication that he will no longer be a part of The Flash.

Amell’s departure makes sense, especially considering that Jay Jackson (Franz Drameh), a character on Legends of Tomorrow, is likely to become the next Firestorm. If this happens, then it wouldn’t make sense for there to be two Firestorms played by different actors. However, no official announcement has been made on the matter.

While fans await the premiere of Season 2, the first season of The Flash is set to be released on DVD September 22, 2015.

[Image Courtesy: The CW]