October 10, 2016
Adrian Peterson Is Still Jacked And Ready To Dominate The NFL [Photo]

Adrian Peterson is now officially on the comeback trail, but don't tell him that. Peterson played in exactly one game during the 2014 NFL season while dealing with off-field issues. Even after that, plus the fact that Peterson told the Minnesota Vikings that he wanted out of town, he's apparently now ready to get back to his dominating ways.

Don't believe me? Well, you can believe Adam Patrick from Pro Football Spot, who posted the following photo of Adrian Peterson on his Twitter.

To put it simply, that's just ridiculous. Peterson legitimately looks almost exactly the same less than a month ago as he did back in 2008. Peterson is now on the wrong side of 30 (as many NFL fans believe), but do you truly think he's going to slow down? You'd probably be crazy to bet against Peterson, regardless of the situation.

While Peterson openly said he wanted a trade this offseason, as mentioned above, he now seems to be content in Minnesota. The two sides have restructured Peterson's contract, according to CBS Sports, which in turn will provide "additional security" for AP.

"I appreciate the Vikings for working together on this restructured contract, which provides additional security for me but also allows opportunities for me to further prove my value to the team and within the NFL," Peterson said. "It was important for me to continue my career in Minnesota, and I cannot wait to get on the field in front of Vikings fans again."

Well, that all sounds great. Peterson seems happy to be back with the Vikings and most importantly, he seems focused on having a successful 2015 season. The Vikings have plenty of talent and are definitely a team on the rise, so a happy Adrian Peterson may very well be what helps push them over the top.

Can Minnesota get back to the postseason in 2015 with Peterson? It may be a long shot if you were looking to bet on it, but anything is possible. Better yet, anything is possible when you have Peterson carrying the rock for your team.

What's that saying? You look good, you feel good. You feel good, you play good?

I think I like Deion Sanders' version on his official Twitter just a bit better, but you get the idea here. Peterson is looking good, he's feeling good, and Vikings fans are surely hoping that he can play good this coming season.

[Image via Hannah Foslien/Getty Images]