Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Ray Rice Preps To Resume NFL Career -- Will The Cowboys Sign Him?

Ray Rice is a former running back for the Baltimore Ravens, and he's now ready to resume his NFL career after the legal troubles he faced over the past year. He figures that both Adrian Peterson and Greg Hardy got second chances for off-field problems, so why shouldn't he? Now, many wonder which teams would be willing to give Ray Rice a chance, and if one of those teams happen to be the Dallas Cowboys.

According to ESPN, Rice and a group of supporters have now initiated contact with NFL teams in hopes of getting into a training camp. His team of supporters includes Greg Schiano, former head coach of Rutgers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The 28-year-old Rice has moved from Baltimore to Connecticut and has been working out on a daily basis to get in shape if an opportunity comes up. During his final year-and-a-half with the Ravens, Rice made $25 million, so one source says that money isn't the issue.

Ray Rice simply wants to play football again.

Rice is now married to Janay Palmer, the woman who was seen being punched by Rice in a surveillance video. Since then, the couple have married and are hoping to move on with their lives.

At this time, there has been very little interest in Rice from NFL teams and not a single offer has come his way.

Back in May, there were a lot of rumors that the Dallas Cowboys would be one of the teams possibly interested in signing the free agent. Word has it that the Cowboys are still looking at a number of veteran free agent running backs, and Rice simply adds to that collection.

The one thing about Rice is that even though he's just 28-years-old and still has a lot left in him, the public backlash may not be worth it. Many fans have already spoken out against Rice for the domestic violence issue, and the Cowboys may not want that around their team.

Back in February, the domestic violence charges against Rice were dismissed, but no one has forgotten the incident.

Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett said before that he wants to fill the locker room with the "right kind of guys." Jerry Jones, who believes in numerous second chances, may even feel that Rice has used up all of his.

If Ray Rice is going to play in the NFL again, he would have to show there is no rust on his game, and he would have to do a lot of convincing. Even though the Dallas Cowboys are still looking for running back help, it doesn't seem likely that the troubled former star is it.

[Image via Getty Images - Doug Pensinger]