President Obama Rolls Out New Campaign Slogan: Forward

It turns out that “Yes We Can” was harder to prove on paper than originally promised and therefore President Obama and his team of political campaigners have created a new campaign slogan for 2012 and it’s simple; Forward.

In a video released on Monday the Obama administration focuses on the Presidents triumphs such as catching Osama bin Laden, a move Mitt Romney openly opposed in 2007.

The video goes on to highlight the presidents economic record, ObamaCare, the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and Wall Street reform.

Obama’s campaign advisers have also come out of the gate swinging early, attacking the Republican party for being obstructionists in which the video specifically highlights Mitch McConnell openly saying the GOP should work to obstruct President Obama’s initiatives over a two year period in an attempt to make sure he isn’t elected to a second term in office.

After seeing the video Mitt Romney on Monday clarified his response in 2007, stating that “of course” he would have given the kill order against Osama bin Laden, telling CNN:

“Even Jimmy Carter would have given that order.”

In the meantime the Obama video which runs almost 7 and a half minutes does a good job of juxtaposition when comparing the pitfalls of the economy in 2008 to the current economic conditions in the United States, specifically in the areas of job creation, lower foreclosure rates

Here’s the full video, take a quick view and leave us your thoughts in the comments section:

Is this attack video mixed with the President’s better known accomplishments a good way to start off a reelection campaign for the US Presidency?