Ramona Singer’s Daughter Avery: ‘What You Have Done Is Forever Damaging’

Ramona Singer has opened up about her ex-husband’s affair in her new book, Life on the Ramona Coaster, and Singer has been very open about the hurt and anger he has caused both her and her daughter, Avery, on The Real Housewives of New York. But Ramona has been the mouthpiece for the entire family. Surely, the affair also hurt Avery, who is the single child in the family, but Ramona’s daughter hasn’t said anything publicly.

Apparently, Ramona Singer’s daughter, Avery, learned of the affair because she overheard an argument that her parents were having. Singer told her husband to go be with his mistress, and this was the first that Avery had heard of the affair. She later wrote her father a letter, where she explained how he had destroyed the family. Clearly, she was taking Ramona Singer’s side in the argument.

According to a new Radar Online report, Ramona Singer is now sharing parts of the letter that her daughter wrote to Mario in her new book. Ramona’s daughter had hoped that her letter to him would make him see that he was making a mistake. Sadly, Singer later divorced her husband.

“I’m writing to you again because I hope that, as your daughter, I will be able to get through to you,” Avery revealed in the letter, adding, “You need to stop and fix your actions before you lose everything that is good in your life. We were a trifecta and you broke us. What you have done and are still continuing to do is now forever damaging. You have no one to blame but yourself. It’s about time you stop acting like a teenage boy and take responsibility for your actions. This whole thing is an embarrassment to Mommy and me, and you have not once thought about how it would affect us. I am ashamed of you.”

Ramona Singer’s daughter was even more furious when she learned that her father had brought his mistress to the family’s Southampton home, where she grew up. And this was just too much for her to handle. And it sounds like Singer understands her daughter’s pain.

“How dare you bring her to our house that I grew up in in Southampton! We have endless memories in that home. That is the bed where you and your wife have slept for eighteen years. No sane husband would ever bring his mistress into his family home,” Singer’s daughter explained in her letter, adding, “I hope that one day soon I’ll have the dad I always thought I knew and put on a pedestal my whole life.”

Ramona learned of the affair when her friend brought it to her attention, according to the Inquisitr. It was an emotional time for Singer and her daughter, but Mario couldn’t stop his affair.

What do you think of Ramona Singer’s daughter being honest about her feelings?

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