Tacocopter Makes Historic First Flight; Drone Taco Delivery Coming Soon [Video]

Sick of drive-thru windows, Mexican restaurants, and food trucks? Well, there’s good news. You may soon be able to get a taco air delivered. The tacocopter, an absolutely unnecessary but ridiculously cool concept, has just completed its first test flight.

Earlier this year a San Francisco start-up made headlines with the innovative idea to deliver tacos via drones. The company said that people would be able to order tacos with their smart phones, and within minutes, almost by magic, a friendly little tacocopter would fall from the sky with their meal.

The idea drew attention from several comedians, like Aziz Ansari, and late night programs, like “The Colbert Report.”

The Huffington Post reports that several people doubted that the tacocopter was for real. Taco Bell Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer Brian Niccol, the man responsible for the Doritos Taco, even thought that helicopter delivery was unfeasible. Niccol said: “I’m not sure tacos and burritos were meant to be helicoptered around.”

But the tacocopter does indeed exist (although it could be a few years before it’s worthy of handling our precious tacos). A launch party was held recently in Hong Kong where the taco-delivering helicopter made its first flight. (Oh, the video also shows a glimpse at a high-powered sour cream dispenser.)

The tacocopter only stays airborne for a few seconds and it’s only holding a single tortilla, so it isn’t quite ready to feed the masses. But the concept is still pretty cool.

What do you think of the tacocopter? Is this the future of fast food?