Burglar Hid Under Bed For Three Days, Charging His Cell Phones While Homeowner Had No Idea

A burglar reportedly hid under a bed for three days, charging his cell phones in an electrical outlet he found and lying in wait until the homeowner finally caught on and called police.

The bizarre break-in allegedly took place in May, with police saying Jason Hubbard entered a home in Spotswood, New Jersey, when the owner opened the door to take out his garbage. The burglar then allegedly slipped under a bed, where he remained for three days, ABC News reported.

The Spotswood Police Department detailed the incident on their official Facebook page.

“Further investigation revealed that Hubbard entered the home through an open door, three days prior, when the homeowner was taking out the garbage. After entering the house, he proceeded into a spare bedroom where he stayed under a bed for 3 days. He also began charging his 4 cell phones utilizing an electric outlet under the bed.”

“Hubbard remained living under the bed in the spare bedroom until the homeowner heard a noise in the bedroom. When the homeowner looked under the bed, he found Hubbard and immediately called police.”

This is not the first time a burglar has been caught hanging out under a bed. Earlier this year, a Florida woman was searching for her cats when she reached under her bed to find a person instead, the Sun Sentinel reported.

The touch reportedly startled the burglar, identified by police as 25-year-old Christian Vatovec, who sprinted away from the home and jumped a fence to escape.

The woman told police that a gold ankle bracelet and a digital camera had been stolen and they soon found the suspect near a canal. The homeowner identified him as the man who had been hiding out under her bed.

Some burglars have been known to stay much, much longer. In Tokyo back in 2008, a homeowner noticed a string of burglaries in his home and food missing. Suspicious over the thefts, he decided to set up surveillance video and found that a 58-year-old homeless woman had been living inside his cabinets.

Authorities determined that the burglar had been hiding out inside the home for the better part of a year, the Telegraph reported.

The burglar who hid under the New Jersey man’s bed for three days has been charged with burglary and theft of services (for using the man’s electricity to charge his cell phones). He is being held on $50,000 bail.

[Picture by Spotswood Police Department]