WWE News: Main Event Star On United Airlines Flight Forced To Make Emergency Landing In Colorado

WWE superstar Sheamus won the Money In The Bank briefcase last month, and he's recently been in a big-time feud with Randy Orton. This past Sunday, he lost in a match to Orton at Battleground, and things still aren't quite going his way. On Wednesday, Sheamus happened to be on a United Airlines flight that had to make an emergency landing in Colorado, and he tweeted all about it.

The flight was on United Airlines and heading from Denver, Colorado, out to Los Angeles, California. Not long after takeoff, the plane had to make an emergency landing because there was smoke coming out of the cockpit.

Once on the ground, Sheamus continued to document the whole situation via his Twitter account. Everyone on the plane was evacuated onto the runway.

When things finally settled down and everyone ended up being alright, United Airlines did what they could for all the passengers. That included providing them with a free lunch while they waited for another plane.About three hours after the plane landed in Colorado, Sheamus began to get a little antsy.Last night on Monday Night Raw, Sheamus took part in a giant six-man tag match featured in the main event. He teamed with Kevin Owens and Rusev to take on John Cena, Cesaro, and Randy Orton. Shortly after the match started, Sheamus simply walked out and was done for the night.

Sheamus is expected to be a part of SummerSlam in some form or another, but no one knows what his role will yet be. He is featured on the first promotional poster for the end of the summer event, and will likely begin a new feud within the next week.

The big Irishman has been very busy as he's also been filming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 and starring as Rocksteady, one of Shredder's henchmen.

It was an eventful day for Sheamus, but the WWE star ended up safely back on the ground after the United Airlines flight scare in Colorado. Luckily, all was alright for everyone and he can move on to fighting and being a mutant bad guy.

[Image via WWE]