UFC News: Chris Weidman Wants To Fight Michael Bisping, Says He’d Beat ‘The Count’ In Under Two Minutes

Michael Bisping may be the unluckiest fighter in the history of the UFC’s middleweight division. He’s one of the most talented fighters to never get a UFC title shot due to the fact that, in his number one contender fights, he’s fought, and lost, to guys who were on the now-banned testosterone replacement therapy. Now, whether or not he would have beaten those guys if they weren’t on TRT is a whole other conversation, but Bisping was very vocal about his opponents being able to use testosterone leading up to their fight with him.

Now, at age 36, with TRT finally out of the sport, Michael Bisping is hoping to get a shot at the UFC Middleweight Championship. He’s strung together two straight wins, both by decision, and if he wins his next fight, he may get the title shot that he so desperately wants.

Chris Weidman, who is the current UFC Middleweight Champion, would be happy to give Bisping what he wants, saying that he would “Destroy him while sleep walking in less than two minutes.”

“I would love for him to fight for the title because I’d literally beat him sleepwalking. I think I could beat him while I’m sleepwalking. He has no punching power so I can literally fall asleep while he’s punching me, just get a hold of him and throw him on the floor. If he doesn’t get knocked out when he falls on the floor I’ll just submit him.”

It’s obvious that Weidman — who will face off with Luke Rockhold some time later this year — is full of confidence, and believes that a fight with Michael Bisping would be a walk in the park. Weidman says that he wouldn’t even have to get in shape for a fight with “The Count,” and he added that Bisping could never beat the guys at the top of the division like Yoel Romero.

“That poor guy. It would just be such an easy fight. I don’t think I’d even have to get in shape for it. I hope to God that he somehow gets his way to the top. Right now he’s so far from it but I really hope he can get there. I know he’d talk trash back and it’d be exciting.”

“I just don’t have full confidence that he could get to the top. Boring decision. Boring decision. If he fights a guy like [Yoel] Romero he’d really have to get lucky to win that fight.”

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