'General Hospital' Teasers: Jake Doe, Jason Morgan Reveal Buzz Builds [Spoilers]

Fans are getting quite anxious to see the "Jake Doe" storyline move ahead on General Hospital. Spoilers and speculation tease that big developments are coming soon, and things might get quite wild. Quite a few Port Charles residents already know the truth about Jake really being Jason, but it seems that the full reveal may take a while yet to play out.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Jake will soon learn that he's really Jason Morgan. Viewers have seen that the group who knows Jake's real identity is growing bit-by-bit. Not only do Nikolas and Elizabeth know that Jake is Jason, but Laura now has overheard the big news, as well.

As Soap Central notes, Liz is carrying more and more guilt over keeping the truth from her love, perhaps even more so now that little Jake is alive and home again. Will her guilt finally get the best of her and lead her to tell the truth to Jason? From the sounds of the General Hospital spoilers circulating, however Jake does learn the truth puts Elizabeth in a really difficult spot.

The buzz is that this summer, Jake will learn that he is Jason, but Elizabeth will face his wrath over having kept it a secret. How does he finally find out and when? That much hasn't been detailed yet, but it sounds like it will be quite the episode when he does finally learn the truth. It also seems that he may keep the truth under wraps himself for a bit.

So far, the talk is that Jake will find out the truth very soon, but he doesn't share his newly-learned knowledge with anybody else quite yet. It has been teased that Hayden Barnes isn't done shaking things up in Port Charles, so she may figure into how this all plays out. Ultimately, General Hospital spoilers tease, the news may finally make its way through Port Charles thanks to a familiar face returning to town.

Though it has yet to be confirmed, there is talk circulating that Dr. Robin Scorpio will head back to Port Charles this fall, and that she's the one who makes the big reveal. If Kimberly McCullough is returning to the role of Robin soon, it has yet to be made official by either the show or the actress herself.

She Knows Soaps has detailed that Genie Francis will be leaving Port Charles for a couple of months, but she'll be back this fall for a bit. In addition, Rebecca Budig is definitely back in some capacity, despite the actress having talked about her departure from the character when Hayden went into a coma. From the sounds of things, the writers are ramping up for a wild fall, and having it all link in to the big Jason reveal seems logical and likely.

Fans aren't necessarily happy to hear that it may take until November sweeps for Jason Morgan's identity to be revealed throughout Port Charles. The show is still playing coy when it comes to details about this storyline, but there has been buzz for quite some time that it would take until the next sweeps period for the news to fully play out.

How will Jason Morgan finally learn the truth about his identity? How severe is the fallout for Elizabeth and others when the details emerge? Will Robin return as speculated to spread the word? For now, fans will have to stay tuned for more General Hospital spoilers as they become available and tune in to new episodes airing weekdays on ABC to see how it all comes together.

[Image via Soap Hub]