Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Brings Back The MicroSD Card Slot

There is good news for people waiting to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

BGR talks about a feature people thought would be missing.

“A Sprint leaked user agent profile says the Sprint Galaxy Note 5 will have a microSD slot after all. The online document lists specs for the SM-N920P, saying the handset has 32GB of storage and a microSD slot that supports up to 128GB microSD slots.”

Samsung has always differentiated their smartphones from the iPhone with a removable battery and microSD card slot for extra storage. Although the Galaxy S6 and S6 Plus have received excellent reviews, many longtime Samsung fans took a pass because Samsung left out these two important features. The company learned their lesson, and it looks like the most important feature, the microSD card slot, will return.

There have been different renders of the Galaxy Note 5 that have leaked within the past couple of days. GSM Arena has the news on a very interesting design feature.

“Today, yet another batch of cases has been made available by the same retailer along with a new render, which once again proves that the Galaxy Note 5 will indeed have a curved back. This is now clearly visible, as some of the said cases are transparent.”

According to GSM Arena, the Note 5 will be equipped with a 5.7-inch QHD Super AMOLED display. It will have an Exynos 7422 processor. The rear camera will be 16MP, and the front-facing camera will be 5MP. The Note 5 will have 4GB of RAM and will have a 4,100 mAh battery.

Many people thought that the Note 5 would have a 4K UHD screen, but this is looking very unlikely based on recent reports. The Note 5 will provide the screen for the first commercial version of the Gear VR, Samsung’s mobile virtual reality headset. A 4K UHD screen would have allowed for a better virtual reality experience. The current developer’s edition of the Samsung Gear VR is limited by the Note 4’s QHD screen, which produces a screen door effect since the phone is so close to the eyes.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 will be announced and possibly released in August. Samsung is certainly hoping to take away some attention from the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus, both set to be released in September.

Which smartphone are you most excited about — is it the iPhone 6s, the iPhone 6s Plus or the Samsung Galaxy Note 5? Let us know in the comments section.

[Photo Credit: Bloomberg for Getty Images]