Duggars Heartbroken Over Cancellation Of ’19 Kids And Counting,’ Want To Return To TV

The Duggars are heartbroken over the cancellation of their reality show, 19 Kids and Counting. However, they say they want to return to television.

During a recent interview with People Magazine, a source close to the family revealed that the Duggars one day hope to return to television to continue spreading their Christian faith.

“The Duggars want to return to TV because they truly believe it was part of God’s plan for them to spread the word about their faith,” the source told the magazine.

“I think Jim Bob and Michelle honestly did expect people to just move on from this,” the source added. “Their thinking is, they put this behind them ages ago, so why wouldn’t the rest of the world?”

TLC made the decision to cancel the fan-favorite television show, which followed conservative Christians Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar as they raised their 19 kids, just months after the news broke that the couple’s oldest son, Josh Duggar, had molested several girls, including his sisters, when he was a teenager.

“After thoughtful consideration, TLC and the Duggar family have decided to not move forward with 19 Kids and Counting,” TLC’s official cancellation statement reads. “The show will no longer appear on the air.”

Distraught fans have been anxiously planning a way to save the reality show, including creating a petition requesting TLC to reconsider their decision.

“While the Duggar family may not be perfect and they’ve had difficulties like so many other families, their show WAS one of the few clean, family-friendly shows on TV,” the petition reads. “Sadly, there isn’t much a family can watch together any longer. The airwaves are full of terrible, trashy television! It isn’t right that the Duggars must be forced off the air while the filthy shows remain!”

“We want our voices to be heard! We all know the power of standing together—just ask A&E what happened when they cancelled Duck Dynasty!” the petition continues. “It seems that every day in America our values and way of life are disappearing. We must all stand together.”

According to a previous report by the Inquisitr, fans have also been showing their support for the family on their Facebook page, suggesting that they try to get another network to pick up 19 Kids and Counting. The fans have suggested the Duggars contact UPtv, an uplifting television network that is home to shows such as 7th Heaven and Bringing Up Bates, which follows another family, and close friends to the Duggars, who have 19 kids and similar conservative values.

UPtv has long been home to 7th Heaven, but pulled the show from its lineup after actor Stephen Collins, who played the character Reverend Eric Camden, confessed to molesting underage girls. However, the network later reconsidered their decision, and placed the show back on the air, after enough fans complained.

Do you agree with TLC cancelling the Duggar’s show 19 Kids and Counting? Would you like to see the Duggars back on television? Leave your comments below.

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