Charlie Puth: Ten Facts You Would Love To Know About The Newest Pop Star

Mohit Priyadarshi

Charlie Puth, up until a few years ago, was an unknown entity in the world of pop music. While Justin Bieber had shot to worldwide fame and Taylor Swift had already released her second album, Charlie Puth was still getting his pieces together to get a scholarship to Berklee School of Music. But since his record label signing with Ellen DeGeneres, the New Jersey-born pop star has steadily grown in stature, finally having announced his arrival to the world with Wiz Khalifa's single "See You Again".

"I've been hearing that since 2011. I'm very flattered. He's a cool dude. Is that what a doppelganger is? I'm still trying to figure out what that word means. Someone who looks like someone. I thought it was like some German cuisine or something. I'll have a doppelganger with a side of wiener schnitzel."
"I'm a catcher in the rye with no record deal / Call me a spoiled brat—Holden Caulfield."
"They were calling my elementary school, they had a whole team of people who scoured around trying to find information on me and she called me and said, 'Hey, it's Ellen' and I hung up. 'No, it's really Ellen' and I hung up again and then she called back again, 'No, it's really Ellen and the whole team and please do not hang up.'"

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]