Angry Mother Leaves Newborn Baby In Middle Of Street Because Father Won’t Help, Sparks Outrage [Video]

One angry mother recently reached her breaking point with her baby’s father. So, she decided to make her sentiments known. Based on the video, he’s not very active in his child’s life. The mother argued that he is absolutely no help — physically, financially, or otherwise. And apparently, she refuses to let him skate by any longer. Although her frustration has merit, the way she chose to handle the situation has many social media users now criticizing her.

On July 16, a clip of a confrontation between a mother and father was uploaded to YouTube. The angry, frustrated mother decided to force the father to take responsibility for their newborn child. So, she reportedly drove to his home and left the baby in the middle of the street.

As the woman filming the incident walked over to the arguing parents to confront the mother about her impulsive actions, the baby’s carrier can be seen in the middle of the street, behind the vehicle. Although one carrier is visible, the woman insists there’s actually more than one baby. It is unclear if the woman is a neighbor or family member of the father, but since she referred to him by his first name, it’s evident she has some type of affiliation with him.

The mother argued that he needs to take responsibility and be a father to the baby because she’s tired of being a single parent. But, the woman filming argues that her approach is not the way to address the situation. She also stressed the grave danger she put her baby in by leaving the carrier in the middle of the street.

Warning: Video contains explicit language that may be offensive to some viewers.

The disturbing video has been circulating on a number of social media sites and news outlets. It has also sparked quite a debate. Many viewers actually agree that the parents are equally responsible, and the mother’s recent actions are equally unacceptable, reports Bossip. Although the father may be a deadbeat, the mother definitely didn’t take a responsible approach to resolve the situation.

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[Image(s) via YouTube Screen Captures]