Clint Session’s Disabled Daughter: Former NFL Star Refuses To Pay Child Support For Daughter With Special Needs

Clint Session’s disabled daughter won’t be receiving any financial support from her father anytime soon.

The former NFL star has reportedly refused to pay child support for his daughter who has special needs, leading to a legal battle with his former girlfriend Davia Bradshaw, according to the Daily Mail.

In 2011, Session signed a five-year deal worth $30 million with the Jacksonville Jaguars — with $11 million guaranteed. However, after suffering from multiple concussions, he was waived in December, 2012. This happened at around the same time that Bradshaw, who dated the linebacker for four years, was about to give birth to their daughter, Ashton.

Following Ashton’s birth in March, 2012, she was diagnosed with agenesis of the corpus callosum, a rare brain defect, as well as cerebral palsy and encephalopathy. Her ailments led to her being unable to walk, eat normal food and left her nearly blind, the Root reports.

Since then, Bradshaw has been in a nasty legal battle with Session, trying to get him to help pay for her medical bills and round the clock care that costs thousands of dollars each month. In February, a judge ordered Clint to make regular support payments to Bradshaw for their disabled daughter, who is wheelchair bound. However, Bradshaw said he isn’t complying.

“What is going on with the law?” Bradshaw said in an interview with the Broward Palm Beach New Times. “This is justice denied. We’ve been going through this for three years.”

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Between April, 2012, and December, 2014, Session paid Bradshaw $75,100 for Ashton’s care. However, his payments came in spurts, and one of his checks allegedly bounced, according to the judgement. That is when Bradshaw decided to take Session to court in order to set up a routine payment schedule. At the time, Session represented himself, claiming he had no money, not even enough to hire an attorney.

Despite Session’s claims to have no income, after a thorough investigation, it was determined that he had put over $5 million in his parent’s names, in what Judge Arthur Birken called “an attempt to circumvent and specifically intended to avoid paying his proper child support obligation.”

While Session claimed he was broke, he had apparently been living a very lavish lifestyle. In April, 2014, he purchased a home in Indianapolis for $850,000. He also forked over $35,000 to buy his new girlfriend a Mercedes Benz. He also donated $20,000 to a church and spent $17,521 on his smoothie business, Raw Juice.

“At no time did the Respondent/Father explain where, for what and whom these monies came,” the judge wrote.

According to Judge Birken’s February ruling, Session owes $120,256 in back child support. He also added that he should be making $6,900 monthly payments, plus an additional $2,000 for previous unpaid child support, to Bradshaw. Bradshaw said, so far, Session has only paid $1,000 each month of 2015, and she has filed a motion of contempt against him, noting that if this was any normal child, she would have given up a long time ago.

“If this had been a normal child and we were just fighting for money, I would have thrown in the white flag a long time ago,” Bradshaw said. “But she has disabilities. No one else, not even my closest friends or family, is going to step up for her, because it’s a lot of responsibility.”

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