Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery: Teen ‘Aged’ By A Decade, Claims Cosmetic Surgeon

Kylie Jenner has become the subject of plastic surgery rumors once again. A cosmetic surgeon claims that the 17-year-old has aged herself by a decade with her alleged plastic surgery procedures.

Although Jenner has claimed that she’s only had temporary lip fillers, top plastic surgeon Mark Ho Asjoe believes she’s had major reconstruction surgery done. The cosmetic surgeon told Closer magazine that he believes Jenner has gone under the knife numerous times. Asjoe believes that Jenner has aged herself nearly ten years with both her makeup and alleged procedures.

“Kylie has made herself look way beyond her years. All the surgery I suspect she’s had – fillers to her lips and cheeks, a nose job and possibly some bone shaving around her jaw – is aging her. Her eyes look wider, which implies she may have had eye surgery.”

That’s not all that Asjoe said about Jenner’s alleged procedures. He also believes that the teen’s already mature look will cause her to age more as time goes on. Asjoe says that once Jenner turns the big 3-0, her skin will stop replenishing and she will have to keep up with her procedures.

“If she continues with all these treatments, in 10 years time the skin around her lips will have stretched like a balloon and if she doesn’t keep plumping them up the skin will be wrinkled.”

This comes after the reports that claim that Kylie has spent $2 million to look like her older step sister, Kim Kardashian. Both fans and the media have remarked how much Kylie and Kim look alike, despite their 17-year age difference. Earlier this month, a report in OK! Magazine claims that the young reality star has reportedly spent millions to copy her sister’s signature look.

“She looks absolutely nothing like she did a few years ago, and it’s been the plan all along to transform herself as much as possible into Kim.”

According to an insider, Jenner was tired of the being the “ugly duckling” of the family and sought surgery to begin her transformation.

“As soon as she was old enough, she decided she was going to do something about it. She hounded Kris until she signed off on her surgery.”

The insider also hinted that Kylie wants to “steal” the spotlight away from her older sister.

“She wants to show off her body and always talks how Kim must be so jealous, because she’s younger and prettier and gets more attention from guys these days.”

It seems like the Jenner teen won’t escape the plastic surgery rumors anytime soon. According to Pulse, a fan claimed via Twitter that his neighbor “works for the surgeon” who allegedly did breast augmentation surgery on Jenner.

“My neighbor works for the surgeon they use and she for sure got a boob job… not bad in my opinion.”

Late last June, Kylie took to Snapchat to deny the breast implant rumors. In a revealing video, she explained that she uses duct tape to make her breasts appear lifted and larger underneath her plunging necklines.

What are your thoughts on the plastic surgery rumors surrounding Kylie Jenner? Do you believe the teen has gone under the knife? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Jason Merritt/Getty Images]