Florida Dental Office Offers Massages, Limo Rides, Champagne

Here’s something that might finally make you sweet on dentists. A Fort Lauderdale dental office is giving patients a reason to actually look forward to routine check-ups by treating their guests like VIPs. Heck, like royalty, reports the Sun Sentinel.

A visit to Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique starts with a warm greeting from the “Director of Client Happiness”, a glass of champagne, and an iPad (not to keep, merely to fill out patient information). From there, you can get a botox treatment of a digital smile makeover. Independent contractors provide massages, facials, peels, waxing, eyelash and permanent makeup treatments. And of course, oral cancer screenings, fillings, cleanings, and other regular dentisty stuff.

The front desk deals with scheduling and insurance issues. Oh, and they can also arrange lunch and dinner reservations and a limo to roll out in.

The unusual practice launched back in March, the brain-child of South Florida cosmetic and restorative dentist April Patterson. The 30-year-old practitioner is another cog in a growing business push to wed A-list customer services to traditional professional services. The office is actually a 2,000 square-foot former spa, so it’s already got it all by way of built-in, laid-back aesthetic.

“If a client is already here and is confident about the service they’re getting, then they’re likely to seek other services from that same source,” said Patterson.


Customers love it. “It’s a one-stop shop, a central location and everyone is very professional,” said Christina Chen, a Fort Lauderdale banker and one of Patterson’s regulars.

The office is also paperless, called an “iDental office” by Patterson, who coined the phrase to emphasize the accessibility of information patients have right at their fingertips. The app allows patients to make appointments, view Web content, and refer the practice to friends and family. “You want to make it easy for the client to navigate your practice,” said Patterson.

She’s also helping local business. For design, architecture, and advertising, she went with local firms. Her commitment goes right down to the artwork hanging in her practice – for-sale pieces from local artists. To Patterson, it’s simple: “Its job creation,” she says.