Fighters Suffer Injuries Galore At UFC Fight Night: Mir Vs. Duffee -- Nine May Be Medically Suspended Up To Half A Year

Last Wednesday, July 15, 2015, Fox Sports 1 presented UFC Fight Night: Mir vs. Duffee. For some participating, this event was very important. For Holly Holm, it extended her undefeated streak to 9-0-0, an outcome that will definitely help her ranking (in which her number isn't recognized). However, the event was very important for Frank Mir because a win would mean his last victory wasn't a fluke that broke a four-loss streak. With a left jab-left hook combination, Mir secured that win.

The aforementioned fighters surely had a good night at UFC Fight Night: Mir vs. Duffee. However, for 15 fighters -- either they won or lost -- they are leaving the event with some sort of medical suspension hanging over their heads. As a matter of fact, the event was riddled with injuries, resulting in nine of the medical suspensions to possibly last up to half a year.

According to MMA Fighting, nine fighters can be medically suspended up to half a year due to their injuries. This is surely true for Josh Thomson, who was worked over numerous times by his opponent, Tony Ferguson. Ergo, Thomson is required to receive medical clearance for his right elbow, right knee, right forearm, and for facial lacerations. If not, he will be forced to the sidelines for 180 days. However, a twist of fate occurred as Ferguson will also be forced to the sidelines for 180 days unless he gets medical clearance for a possible fracture in his right orbital.

The California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) gave similar 180-day medical suspensions to seven other fighters. They include Marion Reneau for her right ribs, Scott Jorgensen for his left knee, Sam Sicilia for his left lower leg, Jessica Andrade for her left thumb, Rani Yahya for a CT scan, Masanori Kanehara for his right elbow, and Sean Strickland for his right knuckle.

As for other medical suspensions, Bloody Elbow lists Matt Dwyer and Lyman Good, who both have the second-longest in length at 60 days. The last four -- Todd Duffee, Sarah Moras, Igor Araujo, and Andrew Craig -- received 45 days on their medical suspension due to the fact that they lost.

[Image via Jake Roth/USA Today]