‘Video It, Just In Case He Dies’: Man Dies In Police Custody After Being Hogtied, Placed Face-Down On Stretcher [Video]

“Video It, just in case he dies.” The McLaughlin family was watching in shock as Mississippi police officers hogtied a man and placed him on a stretcher face-down. The family noted in the video while recording the incident that what the police were doing seemed like “such a bad idea” and that it they didn’t think “that was necessary.” The McLaughlin’s even joke in the video that they should “video it, just in case he dies.” They then question how they would know about the man’s death should something actually happen to him and it was noted that they would probably “hear about it on the news.” Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened. Troy Goode would die in police custody after being hogtied and placed on the stretcher.

According to the NY Daily News, prior to David McLaughlin’s son beginning the video, 30-year-old Troy Goode was acting erratically in the parking lot. Police were called to the scene where they proceeded to hogtie the man and place him on a stretcher face-down. The Goode family attorney says that while on the stretcher, the intoxicated man claimed he couldn’t breathe, but was not released from his bondage. He would later die in the hospital.

Goode was a married father-of-one who was on his way home from a Mississippi concert when he began to act somewhat strangely. Tim Edwards, attorney for the Goode family, says that Troy was under the influence of an unknown substance; however, he was not acting violently. However, after acting erratically in the parking lot, someone called the police fearing there could be a domestic disturbance as Troy’s wife Kelli was in the vehicle. When police arrived, Edwards claims that is when things took a turn for the worse.

According to the reports and video, Goode was hogtied and placed on a stretcher face-down. As a sufferer of asthma, Goode screamed to the officers, “I can’t breathe.” However, Goode was not released from the hogtie and instead rode to the hospital in the ambulance face-down. After arriving at the hospital, the Goode family was informed that Troy was in “stable” condition. However, an hour later, he would be dead. Now, Troy’s wife wants answers. Edwards notes that a cause of death has not been released and that an autopsy is being performed; however, he says if police misconduct was involved in Goode’s death, justice will be sought after.

“I hope what comes out of this is justice. If there was police misconduct, I hope (there will be) a day of reckoning.”

Similarly, and also in Mississippi, a white police officer has been accused of choking an unarmed black man to death.

[Image Credit: Youtube]