Woman Becomes Sexually Obsessed With 11-Year-Old Boy On Xbox Live — Carves His Initials Into Her Wrist

A woman from Grand Rapids, Michigan has been arrested for sexually enticing an 11-year-old boy via the online video game platform Xbox Live.

According to the Huffington Post, 44-year-old Jessica Carlton spent two years obsessing over the child, sending him sexually explicit photos and videos of herself and exchanging frequent messages. She even went so far as to carve the boy’s initials into her wrist. Things got even more dangerous when Carlton drove all the way to New Jersey to visit the boy, bringing him gifts.

Jessica Carlton began chatting with the boy while they played video games together on Xbox Live starting in May of 2013, when he was only 11-years-old. The disturbingly sexual online relationship continued until April 2015, when she was finally caught. Jessica Carlton was not simply stalking the child, he allegedly reciprocated the attention with sexually explicit texts and photos of his own. But since the child is underage, he could not legally consent to the relationship.

The two even used the Xbox Kinect to engage in sexual video chats, according to court documents. While chatting with the Xbox web camera, Jessica Carlton would describe her sexual fantasies about the boy.

According to Fox 17, Jessica Carlton has been charged with two counts of Attempting to Lure or Entice a Child and 12 counts of Endangering the Welfare of a Child. She was arrested on April 9 and has been jailed on a $225,000 bail. Jessica Carlton has been forbidden to make any contact with the boy she met on XBox Live.

Michigan Live reported that Carlton’s obsession went so deep that she would confess her love for him every night and kept a shrine to the boy full of photos.

“Authorities say Carlton carved the boy’s initials into the skin on her wrist and told him she listened to his past voicemails upon waking up each morning. She kept a collage of the child, which included photos of him as an infant, documents state.”

She was eventually caught when detectives secretly recorded one of their explicit video conversations. Jessica Carlton unknowingly confessed to the wide range of sexual crimes, including possession of a journal full of sexual fantasies.

“During the conversation, Jessica Carlton confirmed that she still had the journal containing her sexual fantasies of (the boy) and the journal with her daily memorializing of ‘I love you.’ She sent him photographs of the journal with ‘I love you’ written over and over…. She acknowledged the exchange of naked pictures in the past and the naked video chats.”

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