Meghan King Edmonds Says ‘RHOC’ Co-Star Twists Cancer Story

Meghan King Edmonds has been on The Real Housewives of Orange County for a couple of months now, and she is learning that speaking her own mind can cause troubles with her co-stars. But Meghan has no problem calling people out when she sees something wrong. And this season, King Edmonds is going after Brooks Ayers and his cancer diagnosis.

Even before the show started, Meghan King Edmonds made headlines because she made the comment that Brooks was faking having cancer. And this idea spread to other co-stars, who quickly began questioning his motives. Was he really faking being sick?

According to a new Bravo report, Meghan King Edmonds is now revealing that she does think that her co-stars are twisting the cancer story a little bit. What fans forget is that Meghan knows someone with cancer as Jimmy’s ex-wife is currently battling the disease. In other words, King Edmonds understands all of the treatment plans that Brooks is going through.

“Shannon mentions how Brooks is losing weight and Brooks says he has indeed lost 42 lbs due to juicing (no mention of cancer here). LeAnn did all kinds of juicing while she was doing chemo, she was willing to try anything,” Meghan King Edmonds reveals, adding, “So I understand why Shannon is pushing for Brooks to do anything and everything to kill his cancer. And when Vicki mentions to Shannon that five months of chemo hasn’t worked, doesn’t she really mean three rounds of chemo? Saying “five months” makes it sound much worse than it is.”

Of course, Meghan has called out Brooks before for his cancer diagnosis. King Edmonds claims that Ayers is lying about having cancer, and she may be able to spot major differences between his cancer story and Jimmy’s ex-wife’s journey. Either way, Meghan is open to listening to Vicki’s stories. And she does so with respect for Shannon Beador’s storyline.

“This is the first episode so far that I really enjoyed the scenes of Shannon and David. I thought the Valentine’s dinner was very heartfelt and David’s dragon bracelet gift to Shannon was so loving. I smiled when Shannon gave David a huge hug. And by the way, major props to Shannon for showing her tummy on television – go girl!” Meghan King Edmonds reveals after having her own issues with Shannon.

Ayers is struggling with his cancer story, so Meghan King Edmonds isn’t making it easier on him. Of course, he hasn’t been the good guy for years. According to the Inquisitr, he has blamed editing for how he has been portrayed.

What do you think of how Meghan King Edmonds sees Brooks’ story?

[Image via Bravo]