MTV Stars Leah Messer & Miranda Simms Fought During ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season Six Reunion

MTV stars Leah Messer and Miranda Simms reportedly went head-to-head during the recently taped reunion special for Teen Mom 2 Season 6. A source close to the MTV stars’ families revealed the following to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup on July 20.

“[Miranda] is fed up with Leah’s lies and inability to take responsibility for her poor parenting choices. Despite what you see on TV, Leah and Miranda have not gotten along for years. Leah’s entire family hates Miranda. They blame her for severing the decent coparenting relationship that Corey and Leah had, but really there were many reasons that they stopped getting along, not just because of Miranda.”

In the past, the MTV stars have seemed to be okay with one another, but now, according to the report, Simms is done playing along with Messer’s behavior, and feels it is not in the children’s best interest.

According to The Ashley, a source on set claimed Simms alleged Messer had been trash-talking Corey to their twins, and revealed the twins have confirmed to her that Leah is lax in her parenting duties. This was, of course, in addition to the allegations of prescription drug abuse.

“Miranda called Leah out for putting the twins in potential danger. Everyone on set was stunned. No one expected Miranda to go off like that because she’s usually quiet. Leah couldn’t really even deny that she bashes Corey in front of the kids, because it’s true. Leah couldn’t really deny anything Miranda was saying.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the MTV stars’ relationship took a turn for the worse during their latest battle over the custody of their twins. During a deleted scene from last week’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Miranda and Corey Simms were seen discussing the outcome of their custody battle, which resulted in Corey getting one more day with his 5-year-old daughters.

Corey also revealed that if Messer was continue taking their girls to school late, or not at all, as she had been doing, the judge would consider flipping their custody agreement around.

“The judge looked right at Leah and told her that if the girls are continuing being tardy and absent from school, then he is going to reverse it and give the girls to [me] during school time.”

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