Planet X Or Nibiru, Pluto, And The New Horizons Mission: The Masonic Ritual Connection, According To Conspiracy Theorists

The conspiracy theory blogosphere is currently busy elaborating some of the weirdest conspiracy theories ever, following initial claims by some prominent bloggers and YouTube conspiracy theorists that NASA’s New Horizons mission is entirely fake and that the images of the dwarf planet recently released by the agency are sophisticated forgeries.

There are different versions of the emerging conspiracy theory.

A group of extremists dismiss the entire New Horizons mission as a hoax, arguing that NASA never sent a probe to Pluto.

Another group — whose views have gained traction among influential bloggers — has concocted a grand synthesis of the Pluto conspiracy theory and the Planet X/Nibiru cataclysm theory. The result of the synthesis is a bizarre theory which starts with the relatively simple explanation that, although NASA did send a probe to the outer reaches of our solar system, Planet X or Nibiru is the actual destination of the mission, and not Pluto or the Kuiper belt, as NASA claims.

NASA scientists, according conspiracy theorists, know that Planet X or Nibiru is coming and that its passage into the inner solar system will have a catastrophic impact on our planet.

Conspiracy theorists claim that recently leaked NASA documents, the so-called “Planet X” files, reveal that NASA knows that Planet Nibiru is set for disruptive incursion into the inner solar system and that the approach spells doom for civilization.

But beyond these preliminary assertions, the conspiracy theory assumes a dark and sinisterly bizarre form.

The New Horizons project is a Masonic ritual mission to pay homage to Pluto, the underworld god of death in classical mythology, now embodied in Planet X or Nibiru.

Planet Nibiru is destined to destroy human civilization as we currently know it, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. The New Horizons mission was launched as an elaborate Masonic ritual acknowledgment of Pluto, god of death and darkness, embodied in Planet Nibiru.

The conspiracy theory blog, Secret Sun, elaborates on this version of the New Horizons conspiracy theory. The views expressed by the blog are being echoed by some very influential conspiracy theory bloggers, including UFO Sightings Daily’s Scott Waring and YouTube’s Crrow777.

“It only makes sense that the ritualists at NASA would choose to pay homage to Death, though perhaps for reasons we may not anticipate. This tribute to King Hell may have another, occulted reason behind it.”

Secret Sun claims that evidence of the secret occult ritual nature of the New Horizons mission may be gleaned primarily from the fact that the “New Horizons mission is replete with the usual ersatz-Egyptian via occult Freemasonry symbolism, a habit that’s been so exhaustively documented it doesn’t need to be explained to regular readers of this blog.”

In other words, the New Horizons mission, ostensibly a scientific mission to Pluto, is, in reality, an Masonic ritual mission, and the images recently released by NASA do not represent the reality but part of the ritual imageries of death, announcing the imminent end of our civilization as Planet Nibiru approaches.

According to conspiracy theorists, prescient awareness of the nemesis of our civilization lurking in the outer fringes of the solar system in the form of an inbound rogue planet explains why scientists named the dwarf planet “Pluto,” in honor of the god of the underworld and death.

When Clyde Tombaugh first discovered Pluto on February 18, 1930, scientists thought it was Planet X. But the search for the real Death Planet resumed after scientists realized that the real Planet X still lurks beyond Pluto.

“Pluto was the lord of death and the Underworld in Roman mythology, a role filled by Osiris, the green man, in Egyptian mythology.”

Prescient awareness of the rogue Planet X as the nemesis of our civilization also explains the recurring theme of death and destruction in Freemasonry-inspired literature, referencing the decades-old search for Planet X.

Conspiracy theorists argue that the dominant theme of death, or darkness and the underworld, in literature referencing Planet X was an expression of prescient awareness of something terrible lurking at the fringes of our solar system.

For instance, Howard Philip Lovecraft’s 1930 work, “The Whisperer in Darkness,” refers to a “dark” planet “Yuggoth,” the “populous outpost of a frightful interstellar race (the Anunnaki?)” located at the “rim of the Solar system.”

“Yuggoth” is widely understood to be a reference to Tombaugh’s Pluto.

The historical association of Pluto with the Death Planet X also explains the obsessed preoccupation with death and darkness in the naming of the dwarf planet’s major topographical features.

“Meng-p’o, Buddhist goddess of forgetfulness and amnesia, tasked in the underworld with ensuring reincarnated souls will not remember their previous lives;

Cthulhu, an elder god from HP Lovecraft mixing features of man, octopus, and dragon;

Krun, one of five Mandaean lords of the underworld, nicknamed Mountain-of-Flesh.'”

The Daily Mail also comments on the “growing, and rather dark, list of names for the features scientists expect to see” on Pluto, most being names of “dark gods and demons from different cultures.”

“Ammit, the Egyptian goddess who devoured the souls of the sinful;

Supay, the Inca’s ruler of the underworld and Erlik, the underworld god in Mongolian mythology;

Mephistopheles, the demon in German folklore who bargains for Faust’s soul in Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus.”

A case of what the Secret Sun blog describes as an “obvious and explicit [Death] ritual” is the inclusion of the remains of Clyde Tombaugh, who discovered Pluto, in the New Horizons spacecraft.

More evidence that the mission is a Masonic ritual mission and that the images are forgeries comes from the observation, according to Secret Sun, that the newly released images of Pluto bear an uncanny resemblance with decades-old representations of the dwarf planet by creative artists who had no factual scientific information about what the surface of the planet actually looks like.

According to the blog Tellers of Weird Tales, a 1979 representation of the planet by artist Don Dixon (see below) bears striking resemblance to the images now being sent back from New Horizons. So, evidently, someone in NASA has been busy inventing the details of Pluto’s surface by consulting the work of creative artists imagining what Pluto looks like. This explains why a NASA employee, who had probably been reading too many romance novels, included a big heart on her fake image of Pluto, palmed-off as the real thing.

Pluto, According To New Horizons, July, 2015; Pluto, According To Artist Don Dixon, 1979

Pushing the claim that the NASA images are fake, Scott Waring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily, raised the question why NASA’s images show Pluto surrounded by pitch black space.

Where are the stars?

“I have seen in photos and do you know what really bothers me? The pitch blackness of space. The darker it is, the easier to see the stars in the sky, so… in the darkness of space, why can’t we see any stars around Pluto? Or did NASA fake it all?”

According to Crrow777, NASA is “insulting your intelligence” claiming that the recently released images were captured by a probe that approached the dwarf planet at a distance of 9 million miles.

He argues that because he can get a clearer view of Jupiter from his backyard telescope at a distance of 400 million miles then the images of Pluto that NASA claims New Horizons obtained from 9 million miles must be a hoax.

According to Crrow777, “the Pluto mission is an occult ritual construct complete with Masonic coding.”

“There is no way to sugar coat the fact that the Pluto mission is an occult ritual construct complete with Masonic coding. Not to mention that this is all about Pluto or the god of the underworld. Do not give power to this lie.”

[Images: Wikimedia Commons via Secret Sun]

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